Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 5by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:41


1.Four Years of High School Spanishby The Four Postmen1:59
2.Squirrelsby The Beastly Boys2:20
3.Inbred Localsby The Poxy Boggards2:37
4.In My Countryby The Lemon Sisters1:50
5.Eddie's Apartmentby Kenny Young & The Eggplants4:05
6.You're a Hamburgerby The Vestibules1:58
7.The Harley Songby Rob Paravonian2:43
8.It's Still Billy Joel to Meby "Weird Al" Yankovic3:11
9.It's a P.M.S. Kind of Dayby Cali Rose2:40
10.Get Off the Phone and Driveby Dan Chopin1:47
11.Save the Beerby Faust & Lewis3:48
12.Backwards XYZ'sby Snot Roquemore2:02
13.Dungeons and Dragonsby The Dead Alewives3:29
14.Pull My Fingerby The Happy Schnapps Combo4:05
15.Duck Butterby Scrooz Lewis3:24
16.Fred, the Chicken Queenby Tao Z.. Jonz4:03
17.Doin' the Incontinence Ragby Too Live Nurse3:40
18.Janet Reno (feat. Gretchen Bonaduce)by Tim Cavanagh1:35
19.I'd Love My Baby If She Had Two Headsby Twang Bang2:52
20.Do You Believe Me? I Doby George Burns & Gracie Allen2:36
21.I Want a Blow Up Doll for Christmasby Arnie Ardvark2:09
22.Happy Whatever You're Havingby The Therapy Sisters1:50
23.No News, or What Killed the Dogby Nat M. Wills2:58