Dracula mp3 Soundtrack by Philip Glass

Draculaby Philip Glass

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:05


1.Draculaby Philip Glass1:08
2.Journey to the Innby Philip Glass0:44
3.The Innby Philip Glass3:24
4.The Cryptby Philip Glass1:23
5.Carriage Without a Driverby Philip Glass2:09
6.The Castleby Philip Glass3:04
7.The Drawing Roomby Philip Glass1:25
8.Excellent, Mr. Renfieldby Philip Glass2:47
9.The Three Consorts of Draculaby Philip Glass1:46
10.The Stormby Philip Glass1:29
11.Horrible Tragedyby Philip Glass1:24
12.London Fogby Philip Glass1:15
13.In the Theatreby Philip Glass3:22
14.Lucy's Bittenby Philip Glass2:36
15.Seward Sanatoriumby Philip Glass3:06
16.Renfieldby Philip Glass3:15
17.In His Cellby Philip Glass1:38
18.When the Dream Comesby Philip Glass2:15
19.Dracula Entersby Philip Glass3:40
20.Or a Wolfby Philip Glass4:19
21.Women in Whiteby Philip Glass2:56
22.Renfield in the Drawing Roomby Philip Glass3:21
23.Dr. Van Helsing and Draculaby Philip Glass2:36
24.Mina on the Terraceby Philip Glass3:57
25.Mina's Bedroom/The Abbeyby Philip Glass3:39
26.The End of Draculaby Philip Glass3:44
27.Dracula Epilogueby Philip Glass1:43