Dream Dance, Vol. 80 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dream Dance, Vol. 80by Various Artists

  • 67 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:04


Disk #1

1.When I Listen to Music Againby Dream Dance Alliance3:13
2.Faded (Dash Berlin remix)by Alan Walker3:36
3.Run Wild (eSQUIRE Houselife remix) (feat. Jake Reese)by Hardwell3:18
4.Coming Over (Tiësto remix) (vs. Kygo & James Hersey)by Dillon Francis3:11
5.Scars (feat. Ryan Tedder)by Alesso3:17
6.Exploration of Space (Mark Sixma remix)by Cosmic Gate3:08
7.Paradise (and Chris Brown)by Benny Benassi3:54
8.Last Night (on Earth) (Dimaro edit) (and Pegasus)by diMaro4:07
9.All Around (feat. Emily Harder)by Manse2:57
10.Everything Is Beautiful (feat. Chris Arnott)by Disfunktion & Husman3:24
11.Too Young to Die (feat. No Blanket)by Mason Tyler3:19
12.Nobody but You (feat. David Julien)by WildOnes3:44
13.Headlightsby Suspect 443:21
14.Colours (feat. Eric Lumiere)by CaPa3:37
15.Who We Are (feat. Kate Maerz)by Dayve Dean2:57
16.Paradise (and We Are Rome feat. Corey Ferrugia)by Noah Neiman4:03
17.Waterfall (and Switch Off feat. Amber Revival)by Juicy Trax3:45
18.White Flagsby Vida3:26
19.United (and Kerano)by Jochen Miller2:46
20.Anthemsby Volt & State3:16
21.Silenceby Óli Geir ft. Aic2:52
22.Desire (feat. Selda)by Velozity3:08
23.Overrunningby Kaaze3:21

Disk #2

1.Miracleby Julian Perretta2:42
2.Raging (feat. Kodaline)by Kygo3:44
3.World's Crashing Downby Darius & Finlay3:10
4.When I Wake Up (Sway Gray & Lokee remix)by Lions Head4:37
5.Mary's Prayerby Rees van Sand2:45
6.Open (feat. Pearl Andersson)by Sonic Acoustics3:46
7.Fly (and O-KAY feat. Philip Strand)by UpliNk3:11
8.Till the Summer Comes (feat. Indiana B.)by Adepo2:58
9.Light My Fireby Picco2:53
10.Rainbowlandby Hazel & Adrima3:08
11.Million Miles (presents Andor van Reeven)by Charly Lownoise3:26
12.Wir (Tom Geiss & Mike Anton remix)by VIVIDA3:30
13.Silent Running 2016 (Mason Tyler remix) (feat. Fraser)by Allan McLoud3:19
14.Run (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara3:06
15.Little Wonders 2016 (DJ Fait remix)by Topmodelz3:33
16.I Need You (Raven & Kleekamp remix)by Thomas Petersen3:40
17.Walking Away (and Mind-X)by Savon3:26
18.Tokyo Overdrive (Space Raven remix) (and Airwaze)by DJ Dean3:30
19.Summer in Our Hearts (Hands Up Freaks remix) (feat. Tommy Clint)by Basslovers United3:05
20.Stars in Your Eyes (Calderone Inc. remix) (and Andy Jay Powell)by Klubbingman3:34
21.Right Behind the Glass (Tribune remix)by Aiden Dearing3:46
22.Cool Your Engines (retro mix) (and Ryan T.)by Dan Winter3:29
23.Lonely 2K16 (Dan Winter remix)by Deep.Spirit3:45

Disk #3

1.Where We Beganby Christina Novelli3:39
2.What Matters Mostby 4Strings2:38
3.Be There 4 U (Ferry Tale remix)by Kyau & Albert3:09
4.Lost (Adam Ellis remix) (feat. Janet Devlin)by Gareth Emery3:43
5.Hold On to Your Heart (Attila Syah remix) (and Christina Novelli)by LTN4:22
6.Daydreamer (and Elles de Graaf)by Cold Rush4:06
7.Let Me Inby Nolita3:39
8.Torn Apart (Fehrplay remix)by Adrian Lux3:44
9.Dust (feat. Astrid S)by CLMD3:20
10.Evoke (and Magnus)by Simon Patterson3:53
11.Now & Forever (presents Plastic Boy)by M.I.K.E. Push4:13
12.Terminator Themeby Raven & Kleekamp3:26
13.Come Back When You're Heartbrokenby Bravenus3:03
14.All the Way (Alan Morris remix) (and Aruna)by Ronski Speed4:21
15.Sector 7 (and Zack Mia)by Daniel Kandi4:11
16.You & Me (and Daniel Kandi)by Miroslav Vrlik4:33
17.Blue Goldby Cold Rush3:36
18.Dive (and Sarah Lynn)by Dennis Sheperd3:50
19.Circaby M.I.K.E. Push4:11
20.7ftby Freigeist3:02
21.To Feel Againby Darren Porter3:42