Eddie's Archive: Best Of The B'Sides mp3 Artist Compilation by Iron Maiden

Eddie's Archive: Best Of The B'Sidesby Iron Maiden

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:14:06


Disk #1

1.Burning Ambition2:42
2.Drifter (live)6:04
4.Remember Tomorrow (live)5:28
5.I've Got the Fire2:40
6.Cross-Eyed Mary3:55
7.Rainbow's Gold4:59
8.King of Twilight4:53
9.Reach Out3:32
10.That Girl5:05
12.Sheriff of Huddersfield3:35
13.Black Bart Blues6:41
14.Prowler '884:09
15.Charlotte the Harlot '884:13

Disk #2

1.All in Your Mind4:31
2.Kill Me Ce Soir6:17
3.I'm a Mover3:29
4.Communication Breakdown2:42
5.Nodding Donkey Blues3:17
6.Space Station No. 53:47
7.I Can't See My Feelings3:50
8.Roll Over VIc Vella4:48
9.Justice of the Peace3:33
10.Judgement Day4:04
11.My Generation3:37
12.Doctor, Doctor4:51
13.Blood on the World's Hands (live)6:06
14.The Aftermath (live)6:45
15.Futureal (live)3:01
16.Wasted Years '99 (live)5:07
Iron Maiden does cover songs? They do on this 2 CD set that is part of Eddie's Archive collection box set. This entire collection of songs is the B sides of all of the Iron Maiden singles that were released up until Blaze Bailey albums. The cover The Who, Zepplin, and many more. These tracks were only available back in the day if you actually bought the singles. It also has some live tracks and some re-recordings of popular Maiden songs. This was nearly impossible to find without spending a ton for the entire box set, but mp3caprice has it and in 320 bit. Check this out if you are a serious Maiden fan like me.