The First Ten Years Up The Irons mp3 Artist Compilation by Iron Maiden

The First Ten Years Up The Ironsby Iron Maiden

  • 64 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:41:44


Disk #1

1.Running Free3:19
2.Burning Ambition2:42
4.Drifter (live)6:04
5.I've Got the Fire (live)3:15
6.Listen With Nicko! Part I9:30

Disk #2

1.Women in Uniform3:11
3.Phanton of the Opera7:12
4.Twilight Zone2:35
6.Listen With Nicko! Part II8:02

Disk #3

2.Genghis Khan3:10
3.Running Free3:10
4.Remember Tomorrow5:47
6.Innocent Exile4:02
7.Listen With Nicko! Part III7:43

Disk #4

1.Run to the Hills3:56
2.Total Eclipse4:29
3.The Number of the Beast4:52
4.Remember Tomorrow5:28
5.Listen With Nicko! Part IV8:23

Disk #5

1.Flight of Icarus3:55
2.I've Got the Fire2:40
3.The Trooper4:15
4.Cross-Eyed Mary3:55
5.Listen With Nicko! Part V9:50

Disk #6

1.2 Minutes to Midnight6:08
2.Rainbow's Gold4:57
3.Mission From 'Arry6:43
4.Aces High4:33
5.King of Twilight4:53
6.The Number of the Beast4:59
7.Listen With Nicko! Part VI9:45

Disk #7

1.Running Free3:29
3.Murders in the Rue Morgue4:33
4.Run to the Hills4:07
5.Phantom of the Opera7:28
6.Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)4:15
7.Listen With Nicko! Part VII11:54

Disk #8

1.Wasted Years5:09
2.Reach Out3:31
3.Sheriff of Huddersfield3:35
4.Stranger in a Strange Land5:45
5.That Girl5:05
7.Listen With Nicko! Part VIII12:20

Disk #9

1.Can I Play With Madness3:33
2.Black Bart Blues6:41
4.The Evil That Men Do4:35
5.Prowler '884:07
6.Charlotte the Harlot '884:11
7.Listen With Nicko! Part IX10:47

Disk #10

1.The Clairvoyant (live)4:28
2.The Prisoner (live)6:08
3.Heaven Can Wait (live)7:10
4.Infinite Dreams (live)6:03
5.Killers (live)5:02
6.Still Life (live)4:39
7.Listen With Nicko! Part X11:19