Encanto mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Encantoby Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:54:41


1.The Family Madrigalby Lin-Manuel Miranda4:17
2.Waiting on a Miracleby Lin-Manuel Miranda2:42
3.Surface Pressureby Lin-Manuel Miranda3:22
4.We Don't Talk About Brunoby Lin-Manuel Miranda3:36
5.What Else Can I Do?by Lin-Manuel Miranda2:59
6.Dos oruguitasby Lin-Manuel Miranda3:35
7.All of Youby Lin-Manuel Miranda4:38
8.¡Hola casita!by Germaine Franco0:46
9.Colombia, mi encantoby Lin-Manuel Miranda2:55
10.Two Oruguitasby Lin-Manuel Miranda3:35
11.Abre los ojosby Germaine Franco3:16
12.Meet la Familiaby Germaine Franco2:08
13.I Need Youby Germaine Franco2:28
14.Antonio's Voiceby Germaine Franco2:15
15.El baile Madrigalby Germaine Franco2:50
16.The Cracks Emergeby Germaine Franco1:23
17.Tenacious Mirabelby Germaine Franco1:36
18.Breakfast Questionsby Germaine Franco1:26
19.Bruno's Towerby Germaine Franco0:52
20.Mirabel's Discoveryby Germaine Franco2:56
21.The Dysfunctional Tangoby Germaine Franco2:42
22.Chasing the Pastby Germaine Franco2:26
23.Family Alliesby Germaine Franco1:15
24.The Ultimate Visionby Germaine Franco2:11
25.Isabela la perfectaby Germaine Franco1:21
26.Las hermanas peleanby Germaine Franco1:18
27.The House Knowsby Germaine Franco1:29
28.La candelaby Germaine Franco3:20
29.El ríoby Germaine Franco1:27
30.It Was Meby Germaine Franco1:21
31.El camino de Mirabelby Germaine Franco2:10
32.Mirabel's Cumbiaby Germaine Franco2:48
33.The Rat's Lairby Germaine Franco1:21
34.Tío Brunoby Germaine Franco2:23
35.Impresiones del encantoby Germaine Franco2:29
36.La cumbia de Mirabel (feat. Christian Camilo Peña)by Germaine Franco2:46
37.The Family Madrigal (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda4:17
38.Waiting on a Miracle (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda2:42
39.Surface Pressure (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda3:22
40.We Don't Talk About Bruno (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda3:36
41.What Else Can I Do? (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda3:00
42.Dos oruguitas (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda3:35
43.All of You (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda4:53
44.Colombia, mi encanto (instrumental)by Lin-Manuel Miranda2:54