Enigma mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Enigmaby Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:14:27


1.My Favorite Mysteryby 4EverfreeBrony3:03
2.Sweet (and John Kenza feat. PegasYs)by Faulty3:29
3.The Magic Flicker (and Jyc Row feat. EileMonty)by Silva Hound4:28
4.Shrouded Integrity (feat. IMShadow007)by PrinceWhateverer3:46
5.Guidance (vs. R3CTIFIER & UndreamedPanic)by DJT4:11
6.Going Lucid (feat. Mei)by Foozogz4:30
7.Unityby Frozen Night6:58
8.Aleph Nullby Radiarc5:21
9.Through Time And Spaceby Exiark3:12
10.Tranquilizerby StrachAttack3:40
11.Impetusby RKDM3:00
12.Hero (and PegasYs)by NeverLastStanding3:41
13.Splash Damageby Mikuma3:29
14.Fallen Kind (vs. TheWanderingKit & Synthis)by J. Free3:55
15.Something About Youby Homage3:21
16.Imperfectionby BlueBrony4:47
17.Thoughtsby ThatMusicBrony4:12
18.Let Me Feel This (and Bank Pain)by MC-Arch2:08
19.Could It Be Youby Flittzy3:59
20.Piece Of History (and Replacer)by 4EverfreeBrony3:34
21.Six Friendsby Haymaker4:12
22.Transmission (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)by AlicornAscension5:34
23.Homeby Luna Jax3:39
24.Goddesses In Crime (feat. 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher)by DJT4:01
25.Follow You (and JoinedTheHerd)by Faulty3:25
26.Looking At The Stars (feat. Agatan)by John Kenza4:01
27.Euphoria (and Einarx)by Mantlegen2:55
28.Wide Skies (feat. Francis Vace)by EnsionD4:25
29.The Quest For Kindness (feat. Metajoker)by UndreamedPanic4:38
30.Fuchsia Dream (and Loophoof)by NeverLastStanding4:38
31.Heart Of The Empireby Eksoka5:14
32.Vaporwave Futureby PegasYs3:33
33.Volleyby BL1NKY4:06
34.The One You Should Know (and PegasYs)by UndreamedPanic3:52
35.Somnambulaby 174UDSI3:59
36.Dragons (feat. Tim Storms)by Jyc Row3:46
37.Beyond The Fourth Wallby Michael Picher4:18
38.Remaining Ichorby Seventh Element4:47
39.Still No Wordsby Replacer5:52
40.Flipside (and PegasYs feat. Flittzy)by Bank Pain4:05
41.These Chords (feat. N. Hollow)by Protocat5:16
42.Breaking Of Dawn (Hay Tea & ExplodingPonyToast Remix)by Bank Pain5:23
43.Leap Of Faith (and NeverLastStanding)by DJT5:06
44.Timberwolvesby MEQA6:34
45.Pulseby Hydra5:50
46.DazzleVision (and Wubcake)by Silva Hound3:39
47.Get Schooledby AJ Young3:41
48.What The Hayby TPressleyJ3:59
49.Equalizer (and UndreamedPanic feat. Agatan, Metajoker, MC-Arch)by Jyc Row3:54
50.Go Hard (feat. ShobieShy & TheWanderingKit)by AJ Young3:36
51.Style (and Doodled)by UndreamedPanic2:22
52.What Once Was (feat. Synthis)by Totalspark4:25
53.The Empathy Herselfby SDreamExplorerS4:52
54.Breathing Space (Francis Vace Cover) (and Rusyd Rosman)by DJT4:34
55.Red Spinachby StealingShad3Z3:14
56.Stolen Time (and L-Train)by Quicksilver4:25
57.Parasitic (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Arabesque Sympony & L-Train)by Osoch5:52
58.The Other Side Of Fearby Thrasher5:29
59.Weby Down-74x9.3:33
60.Extraby Syzy3:22
61.Stone Giantsby Tripon6:22
62.Ghost In The Dream VIP (vs. Tripon & Progressive Element)by Bank Pain6:10
63.Chasing Sunlight (and Faulty)by Hay Tea3:53
64.Fond Memoriesby Single Purpose4:52
65.The Stalkerby Sky Runner3:43
66.This Too Shall Pass (and Totalspark feat. SDreamExplorerS)by Bank Pain4:59
67.Good Nightby ILLUMNATION2:52
68.The Stylish Sleuth (feat. Osoch, TheMusicReborn & Mane In Green)by Zephysonas3:04
69.Journey Through The Unknown Wonders Of Equestriaby Mane In Green6:32
70.Old Kid's Pianoby Mufaya6:29
71.Magic Waterby Wandering Artist5:00
72.Will Of The Wind (vs. Mufaya & Jetty)by RoomVR7:41