Erica (Original Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Austin Wintory

Erica (Original Soundtrack)by Austin Wintory

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:49


1.Know Thyselfby Austin Wintory2:21
2.Aria for Delphiby Austin Wintory1:42
3.Into the Fireby Austin Wintory1:52
4.Deliveryby Austin Wintory3:07
5.A Lost Homeby Austin Wintory1:04
6.Apparationsby Austin Wintory2:07
7.She's just like youby Austin Wintory2:21
8.It's always been youby Austin Wintory2:03
9.Wife, mother and dearest friendby Austin Wintory1:35
10.A giftby Austin Wintory4:04
11.They're going to lie to youby Austin Wintory4:03
12.Is that her?by Austin Wintory1:56
13.The key to everythingby Austin Wintory2:56
14.Another world, beneathby Austin Wintory3:44
15.Respect the Oracleby Austin Wintory3:39
16.Grieve for no oneby Austin Wintory2:37
17.Monstersby Austin Wintory2:34
18.Can't be in hereby Austin Wintory3:14
19.What's realby Austin Wintory4:01
20.Butterflyby Austin Wintory4:18
21.In death, be without sorrowby Austin Wintory3:31