Fab Gear: The British Beat Explosion And Its Aftershocks 1963-1967 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Fab Gear: The British Beat Explosion And Its Aftershocks 1963-1967by Various Artists

  • 185 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:38:57


Disk #1

1.Yesterday's Gone (and Jeremy Clyde)by Chad Stuart2:32
2.Somebody Told My Girlby Carter-Lewis & The Southerners2:39
3.My Whole Life Throughby The Nomads2:57
4.That Boy Johnby Billie Davis2:31
5.All My Lovingby Marilyn Powell2:23
6.Bye Bye Johnnyby The Regents2:17
7.Meby A Band of Angels2:03
8.Tell Me Nowby Ray Singer2:44
9.Reelin' And A Rockin'by Mickey Finn & The Blue Men2:22
10.Baby What You Want Me To Doby Group 54:09
11.Bo Street Runnerby Bo Street Runners2:11
12.Love Me Pleaseby Mike Sarne & The LeRoys2:36
13.Lose Your Money (But Don't Lose Your Mind)by The Moody Blues1:58
14.Round And Roundby The Mike Cotton Sound2:36
15.I'm Taking Her Homeby The Others2:17
16.If I Ever Get My Hands On Youby The Artwoods2:03
17.Your Friendby Mal Ryder & The Spirits2:38
18.I'm Leaving Youby Jimmy Royal & The Hawks2:07
19.You Can't Judge A Book By Its Coverby Wild Oats2:27
20.Don't Lie To Meby Four + One1:53
21.Boom Boomby Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers2:42
22.Never Let It Be Saidby Grant Tracy2:05
23.Wishing My Life Awayby Angelina2:10
24.What's Easy For Two Is Hard For Oneby Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers2:46
25.Seven Lonely Daysby The Migil 52:26
26.You're Forgettingby The Wackers2:10
27.Ain't Nobody Home But Meby Twinkle2:46
28.She Ain't No Goodby The Clique2:20
29.Baby's In Blackby The Hi-Fis2:23
30.Plenty Of Loveby The Sheffields2:22
31.Don't Come Any Closerby Just Four Men2:17
32.Love Is Strangeby Robb Storme & The Whispers2:39

Disk #2

1.Love Potion No. 9 (with The Vibrations)by Tony Jackson2:05
2.Only Two Can Playby The Midnights2:04
3.Don't Break My Heart And Run Awayby Bobby Rio & The Revelles2:27
4.Please Believeby Beatmen1:45
5.You Don't Believeby The Blue Aces Showband2:10
6.Dance Little Ladyby The Chapters2:45
7.Looking For Herby The First Impressions2:02
8.Who'll Be The Next In Lineby The Kinks2:02
9.Don't Cry (My Love)by The Limeys2:22
10.Whirlybird (Part One)by The Pros And Cons2:49
11.This Is Loveby Carl Wayne & The Vikings1:58
12.My Little Girlby The Epics2:30
13.My Little Girlby The Lemmings2:49
14.Somethings Hurtin' Meby The Monotones2:31
15.Follow Meby The Rockin' Berries2:09
16.Take Awayby The Couriers2:21
17.Rock And Roll Music (vs. Miami & Strings)by Dickie Rock2:32
18.She Liedby The Buckinghams2:08
19.Fe Fi Fo Fumby The Eccentrics2:36
20.Not A Great Talkerby The Riot Squad2:05
21.She's A Moverby Buddy Britten & The Regents2:13
22.In The Cityby Charles Dickens2:06
23.Just Keep Right Onby Cops 'n' Robbers2:10
24.I'll Go Crazyby The Untamed2:13
25.Honeysuckle Roseby The Quiet Five2:10
26.Down Home Girlby Felders Orioles4:00
27.I Wanna Knowby Paddy Klaus & Gibson2:16
28.I've Found Herby The Legends2:27
29.He's Got No Loveby The Searchers2:36
30.Show Me Aroundby Mike Hurst2:06
31.Do It The Right Wayby Major Rowly1:59
32.You Gotta Giveby Kenny Bernard & The Wranglers2:28
33.Pretty Little Faceby Mal & The Primitives2:09

Disk #3

1.Take A Heartby The Sorrows3:16
2.If I Were The Only Oneby The Imp-Acts2:08
3.Any Day Nowby The Alan Price Set2:58
4.Have You Seen My Babyby The Washington D.C.'s2:02
5.Never Gonna Love Againby The New Faces2:47
6.I'm So Cleanby Ronnie Jones2:42
7.Count The Stars (with The Ladybirds)by Russ Loader3:32
8.You're On Your Ownby The in Crowd2:19
9.On The Horizonby The Syndicats2:50
10.I'm The Oneby The Alan Bown Set2:14
11.Today, Tonight And Tomorrowby The Chosen Few2:40
12.Think It Overby The Hellions2:04
13.I Can't Stand The Painby The Lancastrians2:46
14.That's My Storyby The Nightshift2:13
15.Come On Homeby The Truth2:26
16.Stingrayby The Tornados2:53
17.Land Of One Thousand Dancesby The Action2:51
18.Gonna Give Him Some Loveby The Chantelles2:38
19.Bone Idolby Brian Diamond & The Cutters2:39
20.My Love Will Stayby The Carnaby2:34
21.Find Somebody To Loveby The Meddyevils2:52
22.Don't Be Gone Too Longby The Slade Brothers2:17
23.A Friendby The Ugly's2:14
24.Laughing Fit To Cryby David & Jonathan2:16
25.She'll Get No Loving That Wayby The Kirkbys2:09
26.Pena, Penita, Penaby The Tomcats2:58
27.Where Did All The Good Times Goby Shades of Blue2:20
28.Nobody But Youby Earl Preston's Realms2:06
29.I Can't Stand Itby Michael Allen2:53
30.That's Alrightby The Richmond Group3:16

Disk #4

1.And I Say To Myselfby David Bowie & The Lower Third2:30
2.Throw Your Love Away Girlby The Undertakers2:34
3.You Don't Know (with The Diamonds)by Arthur Brown3:35
4.That's All I Wantby Episode Six2:32
5.Take A Bit Of Noticeby The Time1:59
6.Girl Don't Tell Meby Tony Rivers & The Castaways2:44
7.Upgradedby The Boomerangs2:06
8.Stay By Meby The Rocking Vickers2:30
9.Given Half A Chanceby The Deputies2:04
10.After Tonightby The Clockwork Oranges2:22
11.Have You Lost Your Mind?by Tony Colton3:36
12.It's A Cruel Worldby Luvin' Kind2:20
13.People Like Youby The Bats2:25
14.I'm With Youby The People2:05
15.I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On Youby Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers2:13
16.I Know A Boyby The Bluechips2:46
17.We'll See It Throughby The Moonlighters2:51
18.Liesby The Spartans2:24
19.I Go To Sleepby The Fingers2:33
20.Aggravationby Chris Curtis1:59
21.One Dayby The Ivy League2:06
22.Top Girlby The Cymbaline2:41
23.The Music Goes Roundby The Jeeps2:20
24.You'll Find Outby Paul's Troubles2:28
25.Have I Offended The Girlby The Bystanders2:33
26.It's My Problemby The Chevlons2:33
27.A Love Of Our Ownby The Debonaires2:37
28.Simplifiedby The Majority2:56
29.Back Seat Driverby The Ministry of Sound2:26
30.Look Awayby The Appalachians2:28
31.What Does She Want?by Hayes & Wadey2:37

Disk #5

1.Good Day Sunshineby The Tremeloes1:58
2.High And Driftingby Tuesday's Children2:42
3.Little Girlby The Rogers2:13
4.It's All Leading Up To Saturday Nightby The Marmalade2:20
5.Little Veniceby Mick & Malcolm2:16
6.I'll Give You A Better Loveby The Kytes2:32
7.California Jazz Club U.S.A.by Hat And Tie2:06
8.Walking Down The Streetby The Renegades1:50
9.All Night Standby The Thoughts2:28
10.Too Much On My Mindby The Gates of Eden2:26
11.Sad Subjectby Sounds Around1:57
12.Take Your Loveby The Knack2:29
13.That's When Happiness Beganby The Montanas2:12
14.Please Mr. Sunby Gnomes of Zurich2:27
15.Party Lineby The Attraction2:21
16.Session Manby Five's Company2:34
17.I Just Can't Go To Sleepby The Doc Thomas Group2:32
18.Hurdy Gurdy Manby The Spectres3:18
19.The World Is Wrapped Around My Neckby Steve Hammond3:17
20.I Can't Give You Anything But Loveby The Factotums2:29
21.Canadian Sunsetby The Symbols3:08
22.Such A Pityby The Secrets2:06
23.We Can Make It Babyby Marcus Tro1:55
24.Steppin' Outby The Athenians2:58
25.The World's Been Good To Meby The Peenuts2:40
26.Girl Troubleby The Exceptions2:19
27.Saturday's Childby The Spectrum2:31
28.Do It Again A Little Slowerby Bobby Johnson & The Atoms2:22
29.Makin' My Mind Upby Katch 222:34

Disk #6

1.I'm Not Ready For Youby Five's a Crowd2:01
2.Poison Ivyby The Cherokees2:33
3.I'll Tryby The Web2:09
4.Louie Louieby The Changing Times3:00
5.Help Meby The Second Thoughts3:01
6.Always On My Mindby Count Downe & The Zeros1:46
7.Love Potion No. 9by The Baskervilles1:58
8.Wanderin' Eyeby The Mighty Atoms2:38
9.Heartbreak Love Or Paradiseby Five Steps Beyond2:14
10.Down Downby The Silence3:00
11.So Fineby Herbie's People2:50
12.Make Up Your Mindby The Connoisseurs3:01
13.One More Chanceby The Gremlins2:27
14.It Must Be Loveby Barney J. Barnes & The Intro2:28
15.Run To Meby Glenda Collins2:27
16.You're Not Thereby The Uprooted2:36
17.You're No Useby The Fadin' Colours2:47
18.You're Just Another Girlby The Brood2:27
19.Just Won’t Doby The Flies2:00
20.I Can't Stand The Painby The Trendbender Band2:41
21.Everybody Loves A Loverby Jeff Curtis & The Flames2:23
22.Betty Jeanby Earl Preston & The T.T.’s2:37
23.Follow Meby The Mike Stuart Span2:29
24.Any Day Nowby The Outer Limits3:37
25.Carabellaby The Cordes3:08
26.Tomorrowby The Newtowns2:51
27.I'm A Lover Not A Fighterby The Bo-Weevils3:03
28.Time Will Tell On Youby The Xit2:13
29.Sweet Little Rhythm And Bluesby Mike Forde & The Fortunes2:25
30.Lend Me Your Combby Rory Storm & The Hurricanes1:49