Face The Music (Remastered Japanese Edition) mp3 Album by Electric Light Orchestra

Face The Music (Remastered Japanese Edition)by Electric Light Orchestra

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:34


1.Fire On High5:32
3.Evil Woman4:30
6.Strange Magic4:30
7.Down Home Town3:55
8.One Summer Dream5:51
9.Fire On High Intro (Early Alternate Mix) (Bonus)3:23
10.Evil Woman (Stripped Down Mix) (Bonus)5:00
11.Strange Magic (U.S. Single Edit) (Bonus)3:28
12.Waterfall (Instrumental Mix) (Bonus)4:15
Robert McGough
Face The Music! that was just what they did on this set, combining Rock and Orchestra and no one did a better job than ELO. With the top Forty tunes like Evil Woman & Strange Magic this was a album bound for destiny. Fire on High and Waterfall showed off what great musicians they really were. The hard rocking Poker was where Jeff Lynne showed he was a good guitarist and great song writer. I compare them to the Beatles a lot if you listen to the multi-layered sound they had and a story telling kind of music, like Sargent Pepper or Magical Mystery Tour. They did a better job on this album compared to Eldorado it had more of rock and roll pop sound and not as themed as the Eldorado was, but that doesn't make that album bad just more radio friendly with Face The Music. The whole album has great tunes Night Rider and One Summer Dream are classic ELO, don't let this one pass you buy.