Far Cry 5: Original Game Soundtrack by Dan Romer

Far Cry 5: Original Game Soundtrack

by Dan Romer

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:24:43


1.Now That This Old World Is Ending3:24
2.Our Country Made a Promise3:12
3.You Cannot Trust a Liar2:19
4.Free of All Desire3:37
5.The Lights Will All Go Out2:00
6.The Shackles I Wore3:16
7.In the Forest Hides a Light1:15
8.The Devil's Friends Hide in the Dark3:08
9.Step Into the Garden2:09
10.Their Thrones Become Electric Chairs3:12
11.They Won't Get Past the Gate1:54
12.When the Morning Light Shines In3:08
13.Come Wisdom and Come Fire3:08
14.In Holy Water There Can Be No Tears3:20
15.His Soul Was Free From Sin3:46
16.I Must Protect My Place1:41
17.See and Wait3:05
18.Can't Be Touched or Be Seen1:26
19.The Strong Don't Cry4:28
20.Safe and Sound2:06
21.My Soul Couldn't Laugh3:10
22.They Can Never Smoke Us Out2:11
23.The Time Has Come for Judgment2:55
24.My Heart Never Loved1:10
25.Bold and Brave2:26
26.They Finally Meet Their Fate2:05
27.As Long as We Can Fight1:52
28.If the Nightime Lasts Forever2:51
29.Take Heed Young Heathen5:16
30.The Blessing Just Takes Minutes3:10
31.A New One Begins2:03