Far Cry Primal: Original Game Soundtrack by Jason Graves

Far Cry Primal: Original Game Soundtrack

by Jason Graves

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:58:23


1.The Shaman's Story1:44
2.Save the Wenja3:13
3.Prowl of the Snowblood Wolves3:19
4.The Fires of Conquest3:50
5.The Mammoth Hunt6:00
6.The Call of the Widu2:57
7.A Hunter's Eye2:38
8.The Heart of Oros3:01
9.Sarta Wenja3:03
10.Trials of the Gwarpati4:05
11.The Taken Wenja3:23
12.Vision of Fire3:12
13.Batari's Song of Fire2:56
14.The Bloodfang Sabretooth3:30
15.Gwarpati Salway3:16
16.The Search for Lost Wenja2:38
17.Vision of Beasts4:12
18.March of the Bloodtusk Mammoth3:29
19.Survival of the Udam3:45
20.The Lost Caves of Oros3:03
21.Udam Wantari3:46
22.Wadijam Izila4:08
23.Hunt for the Great Scar Bear3:22
24.The Flames of Suxli3:18
25.Clash of the Udam4:06
26.The Altar of Suxli2:28
27.Fury of the Great Scar Bear2:56
28.Attack of the Udam4:17
29.The Beast Master Strikes3:22
30.Vision of Ice3:03
31.The Wrath of Ull5:28
32.The Mask of Krati6:22
33.Takkar of the Wenja4:33