Fifteen Healing Bites mp3 Artist Compilation by Sting

Fifteen Healing Bitesby Sting

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:04


1.Shape Of My Heart4:37
3.Fields Of Gold3:40
4.Moon Over Bourbon Street4:02
5.La Belle Dame Sans Regrets5:17
6.Mad About You3:55
7.Cool Breeze3:49
8.Englishman In New York4:27
9.Love Is The Seventh Wave3:34
10.It's Probably Me5:05
11.They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)7:10
12.The Windmills Of Your Mind4:18
14.When We Dance6:00
15.Desert Rose4:52
Rene Seibert
Four stars for this wonderful didty by Sting!Now I will be the first to admit Sting has never been my first choice ever for anything, however, Now that I am opening up my mind to new and different things musically, I have a fresh perspective on him.Some of my favorite tracs on this one include trac 3 "fields of gold" this song has always been one of my favorite Sting songs. I enjoy the mellow melody and clear lyrics that are easily understood in this one. Also, Trac 1 "shape of my heart" also has a mellow sound that I enjoyed and couyld easily find myself relaxing to or using during meditation hour.Okay, lets talk aboutg trac 4 "moon over bourbon street" this one took me by surprise. Almost a celtic eclectic sound if you will.I found th unique sound to be a refreshing change from the usual Sting sound. thats all for now, til next time peeps!!! Red Rene