Figure It Out mp3 Single by French Montana

Figure It Outby French Montana

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1.Figure It Out4:00
"I Can't figure it out" by French Montanna is an invite your famous friends to record kind of affair and for the most part it works. Kanye West brings his auto-tune used as an instrument routine that he seems to be so fond of, and Nas drops a verse that he could do in his sleep. But Nas is effective here, and it kind of highlights Montanna's shortcomings as a rapper, he's kind of slow, and not saying a whole lot (about a quarter of his verse is quoting Kanye's "Golddigger") and what he does say might be a little questionable as he can't figure out (and I'm paraphrasing here) why Bill Cosby drugged women, and why Allen Iverson never won a championship in the same verse. Probably not the two most weighted issues of the modern era.
The real star here, is DJ Khalil as he manages to thread three guys who sound like their in three different corners of the world and intertwine their parts convincingly. During Nas's verse for example, Kanye's singing part interrupts for a line then goes back to Nas, the effect is pleasing, and if you don't focus on the lyrics too much, you're left with a pretty strong single. Special mention to the 'Always on my mind' part that keeps popping up throughout the song, it's a real treat.