Finest NY House 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Finest NY House 2018by Various Artists

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:08:01


1.Most Precious Love (feat. Barbara Tucker) (Unreleased The Deepshakerz dub)by Blaze & UDAUFL4:47
2.Song For Repaired Piano (original mix)by Fish Go Deep6:19
3.Iam Surprise (Studioheist remix)by Angelo Ferreri6:08
4.Lovery (feat. Amor & Kiko Navarro) (Braunbeck 030 mix)by Tuccillo7:21
5.Coro (DJ Spen Kaoz Re-edit)by Kerri Chandler6:31
6.Efun (original mix)by Stan Zeff7:10
7.Cuba Libre (Cristian Vinci's mix) (vs. Da Mike & Cristian Vinci)by DJ Angelo5:42
8.Oh My! (Manoo remix)by Palamino7:47
9.Song For Edit (Black Loops remix) (and Kerri Chandler)by Tiger Stripes7:07
10.Magic (Enoo Napa remix) (with Lisa Shaw)by From P606:11
11.Flesh And Blood (Pezzner version) (and James Curd)by Pezzner7:17
12.Joust (original mix)by DJ Aakmael6:24
13.Enigma (Forteba remix) (and Coeus)by Alex Ranerro7:27
14.Blue Parrot (original mix)by Wolf Story6:20
15.Deep Down Inside (original mix)by Dirty Secretz7:09
16.All Around (original mix)by James Benedict5:45
17.Arise (feat. Magdalena) (original mix)by Stefan Braatz5:59
18.AnuscrAmme (original mix)by Sue Avenue6:27
19.Panther Play (original mix)by Lee Clarke7:57
20.No Way (original mix)by Marst5:26
21.Sweatbox (Generic People Back To The 90's remix)by Natural Angle6:10
22.Cabanne (original mix)by Faba & Aninha6:19
23.Groovy Ando (original mix) (vs. ONE + 1 & Camilo Gil)by MAR-K7:05
24.Don't Go (original mix)by Hideto Omura6:50
25.Hammond Chord (original mix)by Dubman F6:15
26.Check Your Status (feat. Marck Jamz) (Alternative mix)by Rich Pinder6:12
27.Global Invert (original mix) (vs. Joe Red & Salva Oliver)by Vlada Asanin6:31
28.Occasionally (original mix) (and M0B)by Sugar Hill6:06
29.Rock Side (original mix)by Knober & Sylter6:52
30.No No (original mix)by Raw Underground6:31
31.Nasty Beats (Alvaro Smart remix)by TYNG & KMRN6:30
32.Ten Thousand (vocal mix)by B-Liv7:06
33.Why The Funk (original mix)by Tom Conrad6:17
34.Xas (original mix)by Dom Tufaro5:33
35.So In Love (Sensorama Project mix) (and Dario Mad)by Danilo De Santo6:15
36.It's The Life (ATBJ Deep Soul mix) (and Ayce The Beat Junkie)by Leonn6:16
37.My Star (feat. D'Argento) (Club mix) (and Aston Martinez)by Souxsoul6:38
38.Ariel (Unreleased dub)by Freight Train6:48
39.Freedom (original mix)by WillowMan5:33
40.Jazzsamp (original mix)by Animist7:32
41.Reason (feat. Aaron K Gray & Giulio Bonaccio) (Federico D'Alessio vocal mix)by Federico D'Alessio6:15
42.Tonight (feat. VirAgg) (Masaki Morii remix) (and Deep Grounder)by Alex Ander6:11
43.Bring It Up (feat. Inaya Day) (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins remix)by Yass7:49
44.Inside (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco remix)by Mind Street7:18
45.Reason To Live (instrumental mix) (and Mara J Boston)by The Scientists of Sound6:33
46.Sometimes (feat. Sheree Hicks) (Fuminori Kagajo remix)by Kyle Kim7:52
47.What Is Love (Mark Di Meo & Federico D'Alessio remix)by Sea 'N' Soul6:42
48.Finest NY House 2018 (continuous DJ mix)by Various Artists58:48

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