Flesh & Blood (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Whitesnake

Flesh & Blood (Deluxe Edition)by Whitesnake

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:23:08


1.Good To See You Again3:43
2.Gonna Be Alright3:52
3.Shut Up & Kiss Me3:37
4.Hey You (You Make Me Rock)5:30
5.Always & Forever3:53
6.When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)3:53
7.Trouble Is Your Middle Name4:17
8.Flesh & Blood5:18
9.Well I Never4:01
10.Heart Of Stone6:43
11.Get Up4:46
12.After All3:47
13.Sands Of Time6:09
14.Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)4:59
15.If I Can't Have You (Bonus Track)4:23
16.Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix - Bonus Track)4:12
17.Sands Of Time (Radio Mix - Bonus Track)6:21
18.Shut Up & Kiss Me (Video Mix - Bonus Track)3:44
Another 2019 disappointent by a major rock band. Whitesnale is a band that has a 40+ year career. I have been following them since their "Trouble" (1978) release. They have composed many great songs throughout the years. They have always had very good guitarists, like Micky Moody, Bernie Mardsen, the great John Sykes, Adrian Vandenberg, and Doug Aldrich. Their songs have many melodies that are memorable. Their lyrics are lame and cheesy many times, usually sexually oriented. I was hoping Whitesnake would have called it quits sfter "The Purple Album", but unfortunately they did not. I was hoping they could release a few good songs, but "Flesh & Blood"has nothing special about it. Even the artwork is recycled. It is so similar to previous releases. Joel Hoekstra (from Night Ranger) is probably one of the weakest composers they have ever had. This is the first album where the word "Love" isn't in the title of a song. David Coverdale's voice is shot. If you want to hear what classic Whitesnake sounds like, purchase "Live... In The Heart Of The City" (1980 release). Modern Whitesnake option is "Greatest Hits".