The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition mp3 Album by Whitesnake

The Purple Album: Special Gold Editionby Whitesnake

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:31:43


Disk #1

1.Burn (2023 Remix)6:50
2.Lay Down, Stay Down (2023 Remix)3:57
3.Love Child (2023 Remix)4:13
4.Holy Man (2023 Remix)4:48
5.The Gypsy (2023 Remix)5:30
6.Lady Double Dealer (2023 Remix)3:56
7.Might Just Take Your Life (2023 Remix)4:37
8.Mistreated (2023 Remix)7:37
9.Stormbringer (2023 Remix)5:20
10.Sail Away (2023 Remix)4:51
11.You Keep on Moving (2023 Remix)5:12
12.Lady Luck (2023 Remix)3:04
13.Coming Home (2023 Remix)4:20
14.You Fool No One (2023 Remix)6:42
15.Soldier of Fortune (2023 Remix)3:22

Disk #2

1.Burn (Live) (2023 Remix)8:14
2.The Gypsy (Live) (2023 Remix)5:22
3.Mistreated (Live) (2023 Remix)7:55
4.You Fool No One (Live) (2023 Remix)9:39
5.Soldier of Fortune (Live) (2023 Remix)3:54
6.Holy Man (Unzipped) (2023 Remix)3:44
7.Stormbringer (Punch in the Nuts Mix) (2023 Remix)5:20
8.Love Child (Alternate Mix) (2023 Remix)4:14
9.Soldier of Fortune3:19
10.Soldier of Fortune3:19
11.Soldier of Fortune [Instrumental]3:19
12.Everybody's Talkin'2:46
13.Get Ready2:34
14.Lonely Town, Lonely Street3:15
15.Dancing in the Street4:33
16.1974 David Coverdale Demos / Ideas for Stormbringer Album5:57