Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Box Set mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Box Setby Various Artists

  • 83 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:07:37


Disk #1

1.Point That Thing Somewhere Elseby The Clean5:26
2.Coalminer's Songby The Gordons5:43
3.The Witchby 25 Cents2:06
4.Ambivalenceby Pin Group3:25
5.Alienby Bilders2:31
6.Joe 90by Bored Games4:25
7.Something Newby The Stones2:57
8.That's What Friends Are Forby Mainly Spaniards3:29
9.Governed by Youby Naked Spots Dance2:34
10.Native Waiterby The Victor Dimisch Band3:35
11.Isolby Marie and the Atom5:18
12.Caroline's Dreamby The Children's Hour3:14
13.What's Going Onby Fetus Productions4:31
14.Pink Frostby The Chills3:56
15.The Holy Roomby The Rip3:47
16.Neck of the Woodsby The Great Unwashed2:06
17.Pyromaniacby The Verlaines3:28
18.The Man With No Desireby Expendables5:02
19.Needles and Plasticby The DoubleHappys5:22
20.Randolph's Going Home (and Peter Jefferies)by Shayne Carter3:59

Disk #2

1.Crushby Tall Dwarfs5:58
2.Kenneth Angerby The Exploding Budgies4:11
3.Hey Manby Alpaca Brothers3:23
4.The Wharf With No Nameby Axemen5:02
5.Wheatfieldsby The Weeds2:59
6.Barlow's Houseby Dead Famous People2:41
7.What's in a Name?by The Orange3:20
8.Travelling Graveby Goblin Mix3:28
9.Immigration Songby This Kind of Punishment2:48
10.Trouble With Kayby Sneaky Feelings2:00
11.Jaffa Boyby Bird Nest Roys3:03
12.North by Northby The Bats4:04
13.Thief With the Silver (and Jono Lonie)by Peter Jefferies2:01
14.The Boy With the Sad Handsby Jay Clarkson4:07
15.Dave the Pimpby The Cakekitchen5:16
16.Dialling a Prayerby Straitjacket Fits3:51
17.Batwingby The Terminals2:30
18.I Don't Want You Anywayby Look Blue Go Purple2:50
19.Buddyby Snapper3:40
20.Don't Know Whyby Stephen2:39
21.Scarey Nestby The Dead C2:44
22.Breakdown Townby S.P.U.D.4:53

Disk #3

1.Good Evening Listenersby Sombretones4:40
2.Meatby Chris Knox3:59
3.Gaskrankinstationby Headless Chickens4:32
4.Contractsby Queen Meanie Puss4:35
5.Septic Hagfishby Olla2:28
6.Glitchby N.R.A.6:19
7.Flowersby Chug3:25
8.Sheen of Goldby Skeptics5:06
9.The Back of Her Handby The Magick Heads2:52
10.Hey Judithby Dribbling Darts3:08
11.Touch of Evilby The Renderers3:32
12.Bleeding Starby The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience5:08
13.What Am I Going to Doby Pop Art Toasters2:24
14.Philadelphia Risingby 3Ds4:47
15.Crystalatorby Dimmer2:57
16.Pet Hatesby Alec Bathgate2:29
17.A Sort of Holidayby Rik Starr1:56
18.What Will You Do?by Garageland3:00
19.Splatby Bailterspace3:48
20.Klingon National Anthemby The Able Tasmans5:18

Disk #4

1.Saskatchewanby Superette5:28
2.Suckby Loves Ugly Children3:54
3.Crying Room (and Denise Roughan)by David Mitchell3:48
4.Country Sowby Solid Gold Hell3:07
5.'76 Comebackby King Loser3:19
6.Save My Lifeby Bike3:25
7.Chop Me in 1/2by David Kilgour7:25
8.Rocky Mountainby Bressa Creeting Cake3:12
9.Surf's Up in Malibuby Chris Hazlewood2:20
10.Evermoreby Martin Phillipps2:05
11.Brown Paper Bagby The Hasselhoff Experiment2:25
12.Ghost Club Theme Songby Ghost Club4:17
13.Spill the Lightby Betchadupa3:35
14.Harmonic Deluxeby Robert Scott4:56
15.Uh-Ohby The Subliminals6:03
16.Schallbluteby High Dependency Unit3:42
17.Cattle, Cars, and Chainsawsby Graeme Downes2:51
18.Emilyby Shocking Pinks2:12
19.Sake Bombby The D41:43
20.Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!by The Mint Chicks4:41
21.Rebelby Toy Love2:24