For Your Love (Remastered) mp3 Album by The Yardbirds

For Your Love (Remastered)by The Yardbirds

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:24


1.For Your Love2:28
2.I'm Not Talking2:33
3.Putty (In Your Hands)2:19
4.I Ain't Got You2:01
5.Got to Hurry2:33
6.I Ain't Done Wrong3:40
7.I Wish You Would2:18
8.A Certain Girl2:19
9.Sweet Music (take 3)2:31
10.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl2:46
11.My Girl Sloopy5:39
12.Baby What's Wrong2:39
13.Boom Boom2:27
14.Honey in Your Hips2:19
15.Talkin' 'Bout You1:58
16.I Wish You Would (long version)4:17
17.A Certain Girl (alternate take)2:21
18.Got to Hurry (take 4)2:36
19.Sweet Music (take 4)2:29
20.Heart Full of Soul (Sitar version)1:55
21.Steeled Blues2:38
22.Paff Bumm (German Issue)2:27
23.Questa Volta2:34
24.Paff Bumm (Italian Issue)2:37