Freakin Miami 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Freakin Miami 2017by Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:16:24


1.Better Days (Steve Mac Classic Vocal Mix)by House of Virus6:52
2.Mushrooms (Want More & Can't Say No Remix)by Marshall Jefferson5:47
3.Keep It Real (Original Mix)by Skapes5:58
4.Disco Jazz (Original Mix)by Acid Kit7:42
5.Yeah (Original Mix)by Alex Schmitz6:25
6.Pimps & Ho's (Original Mix)by Alex Seda4:15
7.Pinksweet (Original Mix)by Jaytor5:59
8.What You Want (Original Mix)by Barry Obzee7:09
9.Crazy (Ashley Casselle Remix)by Climate7:08
10.Long Time (Original Mix)by Clouded Judgement5:04
11.So Pump It (Original Mix)by Juan Chousa6:29
12.Shake That Ass (Original Mix)by DJ Ides6:15
13.Smoke In The Room (Original Mix) (feat. Kwedjatey)by DJ Lora5:27
14.Crazy (Stanny Abram Space Funk Remix)by Dany Cohiba7:18
15.Wonderful (Original Mix) (feat. Leanne Brown)by Frequency 885:31
16.360 (G&L Sneaky Remix) (feat. Marck Jamz)by Lyp5:45
17.Disco Sound (Original Mix)by Juss5:45
18.Down Like That (Original Mix)by Marcus Wedgewood5:05
19.Umoya (Original Mix)by Marek Mela6:12
20.Shut It Down (Original Mix)by Quentin van Honk6:46
21.All Night (Original Mix)by Riven6:30
22.Slauson & Crenshaw (Original Mix)by The Sloppy 5th's6:27
23.Everybody Get Down (Original Mix)by Stefan K5:24
24.The Funk Soul Brother (Original Mix) (feat. Tommie Cotton & Groove N Soul)by TWISM & B3RAO5:31
25.Beef (Original Mix)by Wheats5:43
26.Freakin Miami 2017, Pt. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists53:24
27.Freakin Miami 2017, Pt. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists50:33