Friend Or Foe (Remastered) mp3 Album by Adam Ant

Friend Or Foe (Remastered)by Adam Ant

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:43


1.Friend or Foe3:23
2.Something Girls3:52
3.Place in the Country2:50
4.Desperate but Not Serious4:15
5.Here Comes the Grump3:37
6.Hello I Love You2:40
7.Goody Two Shoes3:29
8.Crackpot History and the Right to Lie2:45
9.Made of Money3:32
10.Cajun Twisters2:59
11.Try This for Sighs3:04
12.Man Called Marco3:31
13.Goody Two Shoes (Chris Hughes single mix)3:22
14.Coup D'Etat (album Outtake)3:12
15.Goody Two Shoes (demo)3:12
16.Here Comes the Grump (demo)2:27
17.Little Italy (demo)2:19
18.Made of Money (demo)2:50
19.Place in the Country (demo)3:02
20.And So You Shall (demo)3:40
21.Yellowbeard (demo)2:27
22.I Know They Know (demo)3:51
23.Gargoyles Are Go (demo)2:23
24.Good Sex Rumples the Clothing (Unreleased Track)3:01