From Blues To Gospel mp3 Artist Compilation by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:24


Disk #1

1.My Man and I2:59
2.This Train2:41
3.Sit Down2:15
4.Trouble in Mind2:29
5.Shout, Sister, Shout!2:42
6.Rock Me2:41
7.Nobody's Fault But Mine3:01
8.I Want a Tall Skinny Papa2:53
9.God Don't Like It2:26
10.What Is the Soul of Man?2:31
11.Singing in My Soul2:56
12.Strange Things Happening Everyday2:47
13.Two Little Fishes and Five Loaves of Bread2:57
15.Didn't It Rain2:35
16.The Natural Facts3:13
17.Down by the Riverside2:31
18.Up Above My Head I Hear Music in the Air2:29
19.Precious Memories5:10
20.Come by Here3:41
21.Ain't No Room in the Church for Liars4:25
22.Last Mile of the Way3:38
23.Peace in the Valley4:19
24.Precious Lord5:02

Disk #2

1.Walking Up the King's Highway3:52
2.What Are They Doing in Heaven?4:04
3.Savior Don't Pass Me By4:07
4.I Saw the Light1:51
5.Nothing Between2:33
6.Shine for Jesus1:56
7.Never Alone2:20
8.The Family Prayer1:55
9.Blow Ye the Trumpet2:14
10.God Leads Us Along4:23
11.Oh, The Joy Came to Me1:26
12.Seeking for You1:58
13.I Do, Don't You?4:13
14.He's the Lily of the Valley1:34
15.God's Mighty Hand2:55
16.The Lord Followed Me3:12
17.Oh, When I Come to the End of My Journey2:58
18.Stretch Out2:44
19.Beams of Heaven2:42
20.My Journey to the Sky3:13
21.Teach Me to Be RightPrice2:47
22.I Heard My Mother Call My Name2:46
23.Heaven Is Not My Home2:42
24.Ain't No Grave Hold My Body Down2:55
25.Lay Down Your Soul2:26
26.Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?3:15