From The Cutting Room Floor mp3 Album by Neal Morse

From The Cutting Room Floorby Neal Morse

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:29


1.The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt #1: The Whirlwind7:12
2.The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt #2: Master Blaster / The Warmth of the Wind8:13
3.The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt #3: Middle Bit1:50
4.The Whirlwind Demo Excerpt #4: End Bit3:51
5.Guitar Piece #21:50
6.The Way4:34
7.What's It Worth4:59
8.You Can't Reach Them All6:43
9.A Cool Kind of Rush5:50
10.Draw Me Nearer4:20
11.Waka Waka Waka0:58
12.How Are You Papu?3:30
13.You Got to Move3:39