Froth On A Daydream mp3 Album by Dazie Mae

Froth On A Daydreamby Dazie Mae

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:17


1.Avant-Propos En Fa Majeur1:53
2.Froth On A Daydream3:26
3.King Nicolas4:41
4.Musk Antler-Bangers2:38
5.The Froth On A Drinking Day2:30
6.Swinging Life And More3:11
7.Do The Squint2:51
8.You Know John Pulse Heartre2:30
9.Just Like That0:59
10.March In June2:41
12.A Single Flower In Her Chest3:58
13.Work Is Not For Me2:11
14.Changing Shapes All Around Us2:35
15.The House Is Shriking1:37
16.Into The Darkest Night1:50
17.Fall Asleep Forever2:51
18.The Zero Hour2:35
19.Waltz For Chloe3:14
20.The End: A Mouse's Lament1:20