Garbage (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Garbage

Garbage (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)by Garbage

  • 62 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:04:08


3.Only Happy When It Rains3:57
4.As Heaven Is Wide4:53
5.Not My Idea3:41
6.A Stroke of Luck4:44
8.Stupid Girl4:19
9.Dog New Tricks3:57
10.My Lover's Box3:55
11.Fix Me Now4:43
14.Girl Don't Come2:36
16.Driving Lesson3:48
17.Trip My Wire4:27
18.#1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)4:51
19.Butterfly Collector3:42
20.Alien Sex Fiend4:42
21.Kick My Ass2:31
22.Stupid Girl (Danny Saber mix)4:24
23.Stupid Girl (Future Retro mix)5:20
24.Stupid Girl (Shoegazer mix)5:54
25.Stupid Girl (Dreadzone vocal mix)6:35
26.Stupid Girl (Dreadzone dub version)6:09
27.Stupid Girl (Red Snapper mix)7:41
28.Stupid Girl (Tee's radio mix)3:44
29.Stupid Girl (Todd Terry Freeze club)5:55
30.Stupid Girl (Todd Terry In House dub)6:13
31.Stupid Girl (Todd Terry Bonus Beats)3:14
32.Queer (Danny Saber mix)5:39
33.Queer (Heftybag mix)9:18
34.Queer (F.T.F.O.I. mix)7:20
35.Queer (The Very Queer dub Bin)5:12
36.Queer (The Most Beautiful Woman in Town mix)5:38
37.Milk (Siren mix)4:26
38.Milk (The Wicked mix)4:27
39.Milk (Completely Trashed mix)6:32
40.Milk (The Tricky mix)4:20
41.Milk (Got It mix)9:34
42.Milk (Butchered Vegas mix)5:52
43.Milk (Udder edit)4:47
44.Milk (VIP Rufige Trash Your Shit mix)7:43
45.Milk (Trance mix)6:49
46.Milk (Classic mix)4:49
47.Milk (Primal mix)5:02
48.Milk (Ultra Classic mix)4:10
49.Milk (D mix)4:51
50.Dog New Tricks (The Pal mix)4:04
51.#1 Crush (original mix)4:52
52.Vow (Joan of Ark mix)4:36
53.Vow (Stripped Down mix)4:43
54.Vow (Tuesday Night club mix)5:16
55.Fix Me Now (alternate Subbass mix)4:45
56.Subhuman (Supersize mix)5:13
57.#1 Crush (early demo mix)4:53
58.A Stroke of Luck (early demo mix)4:30
59.My Lover's Box (early demo mix)3:38
60.Not My Idea (early demo mix)3:47
61.Only Happy When It Rains (early demo mix)3:47
62.Supervixen (early demo mix)3:49