Garbage mp3 Album by Garbage
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:04


3.Only Happy When It Rains3:56
4.As Heaven Is Wide4:44
5.Not My Idea3:49
6.A Stroke Of Luck4:45
8.Stupid Girl4:19
9.Dog New Tricks3:57
10.My Lover'S Box3:55
11.Fix Me Now4:43
Max B
Who hasn't heard of Garbage? With their debut album of the same name, Garbage were completely new in the world of music with a unique style. Their unique mix of grunge and many other styles such as electronic and rock give them a distinctive sound.

This album includes "Stupid Girl", reminiscent of No Doubt, is far better than the pop song it initially sounds like. It has disconcerting sounds that make it almost apocalyptic-sounding. It shows Shirley Manson's range, going from deeper, pop-like singing to higher, more impressive notes.

Also on the album is "Only Happy When It Rains", which amoung so many joyously over the top songs of the time is refreshing. Its ironic look celebrating sad events is a good change from songs at the time. Who doesn't need to feel sad every now and then?

But the best song by far must be "Queer". Speaking of the loss of innocence in a trip hop style, it has an odd, uncomfotable tone to highlight the message. At its release, it gained attention for its brilliant music video, but the music itself is also excellent. It paints a sinister view of perversion and sexuality.

Other great songs to listen to on the album include "Vow", "Supervixen" and "Milk". I would definitely recommend this album, which has an incredible amount of depth.