Generation 13 mp3 Album by Saga

Generation 13by Saga

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:47


1.Changes Are1:43
2.Generation 13 (Theme #1)2:43
3.All Will Change (Goodbye und Good Luck)6:04
4.Danger Whistle5:20
5.I'll Never Be Like You #11:20
6.The 13th Generation4:28
7.The Cross2:03
8.The Learning Tree4:58
9.I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again)3:59
10.Snake Oil6:05
11.My Name Is Sam (Your Time Is Up)2:36
12.Generation 13 (Theme #2)2:39
13.Where Are You Now?5:36
14.No Strings Attached5:20
15.All Will Change (It's Happening to Me)2:00
16.The VIctim3:00
17.One Small Step7:16
18.Changes Are #21:37