Ghost Riders mp3 Album by Outlaws

Ghost Ridersby Outlaws

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:40


1.(Ghost) Riders in the Sky5:51
2.White Horses3:56
3.Angels Hide5:45
4.Devil's Road4:50
5.I Can't Stop Loving You4:21
6.Wishing Wells3:34
8.Freedom Walk5:46
I had never heard of the guys The Outlaws until I saw the movie "Ghost Rider" with Nicholas Cage. I had heard Johnny Cash's version of this song and like it. As a rule, I don't like remakes of songs because they don't sound as good as the original. However, every now and then, a cover song comes out that breathes new life into a song. That's what the Outlaws did with their cover of "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky." This song version really rocks!!