Gothic Spirits 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Gothic Spirits 4by Various Artists

  • 37 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:45


Disk #1

1.Enjoy the Silenceby Lacuna Coil4:04
2.Evermoreby Edenbridge3:44
3.Violent Voicesby Bloodflowerz4:25
4.Deceiverby Stream of Passion5:07
5.Sweet Carolineby Lacrimas Profundere2:58
6.Ode to the Outside Worldby Mandrake5:23
7.Army of Broken Heartsby Reflexion3:01
8.The Greatest Fight on Earthby Deathstars3:51
9.Night Rideby Samael4:40
10.Drown in Ashesby Celtic Frost4:24
11.Eternitasby Satyrian4:39
12.Empathyby Mortal Love4:02
13.Rushby Poisonblack4:06
14.Drink Myself to Sleepby End of Green5:22
15.Fallenby Sinamore4:22
16.Dreams in the Witch-Houseby The Vision Bleak5:37
17.Light My Wayby NFD3:31
18.Leiderby Eisbrecher4:07

Disk #2

1.Silenceby Theatre of Tragedy3:46
2.Out of Youby Entwine3:45
3.Blood Tellsby Moonspell4:09
4.Kein Liebesliedby Crematory4:05
5.Inside Your Armsby Zeraphine3:40
6.Norwegian Lovesongby Leaves' Eyes3:43
7.The Crystallic Ascensionby Atargatis5:00
8.Staticby Naio Ssaion3:21
9.Indiaby Xandria5:16
10.Creedby Scream Silence3:37
11.Under a Soil and Black Stoneby Amorphis4:14
12.Pretendby Saturnus6:25
13.And Ashes Will Fallby Deadstar Assembly4:13
14.Cry Little Sisterby Blutengel4:48
15.Inner Laneby Beseech4:04
16.Virusby Luca Turilli3:36
17.Dark Chest of Wondersby Nightwish4:27
18.Eisblumenby Subway to Sally4:31
19.Blutkrieg I: Die Schwarze Gischtby Wolfgang Hohlbein2:42