Gram Parsons: A Song for You mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Gram Parsons: A Song for Youby Various Artists

  • 110 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:02:52


Disk #1

1.Dim Lights, Thick Smokeby Flatt & Scruggs2:53
2.A Satisfied Mindby Porter Wagoner2:42
3.Life to Goby Stonewall Jackson2:24
4.Mamaby Lefty Frizzell2:20
5.The Christian Lifeby The Louvin Brothers2:16
6.Cold Cold Heartby Hank Williams2:45
7.I'm a Pilgrimby Merle Travis2:04
8.Lucilleby Little Richard2:13
9.Bony Moronieby Larry Williams3:06
10.Pretty Pollyby Dock Boggs3:03
11.Cash on the Barrel Headby The Louvin Brothers2:41
12.Crazy Armsby Ray Price2:33
13.Ho! Ho! Love 'emby Joe Ken Clark & His Merry Mountain Boys2:16
14.Conscience I'm Guiltyby Benny Barnes2:13
15.Please Don't Take Her From Meby Buck Owens2:31
16.I Can't Control My Heartby Hank Snow2:28
17.What Are They Doing in Heaven Todayby Harry & Jeanie West2:18
18.An Old Fashioned Loveby Lonnie Irving2:35
19.I've Quit Catting Aroundby Harry Coates2:48
20.I Am a Pilgrimby Merle Travis2:04
21.Candymanby Rev Gary Davis3:06
22.Farther Alongby Rose Maddox3:20
23.Millers Caveby Hank Snow2:38
24.You Win Againby Hank Williams2:36
25.Troubles Back in Townby The Wilburn Brothers2:19
26.The Angels Rejoiced Last Nightby The Louvin Brothers2:20
27.Hearts in a Dreamby George Jones2:30
28.A Satisfied Mindby Red Hayes2:42

Disk #2

1.You Don't Miss Your Waterby The Byrds5:19
2.Hickory Windby The Byrds4:15
3.Roger McGuinn Interviewby The Byrds2:07
4.Mr. Spacemanby The Byrds2:20
5.I'll Feel a Whole Lot Betterby The Byrds2:11
6.Chimes of Freedomby The Byrds3:26
7.You Ain't Going Nowhereby The Byrds2:39
8.Old John Robertsonby The Byrds2:21
9.Introby The Byrds0:24
10.The Christian Lifeby The Byrds3:11
11.Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)by The Byrds2:36
12.My Back Pages / B.J. Blues / Baby What You Want Me to Doby The Byrds5:37

Disk #3

1.Sing Me Back Homeby Flying Burrito Brothers4:13
2.Train Songby Flying Burrito Brothers3:33
3.Dream Baby / Dream Baby (reprise)by Flying Burrito Brothers5:03
4.She Once Lived Hereby Flying Burrito Brothers4:23
5.We've Got to Get Ourselves Togetherby Flying Burrito Brothers3:27
6.Long Black Limousineby Flying Burrito Brothers4:09
7.Dark End of the Streetby Flying Burrito Brothers4:41
8.She Thinks I Still Careby Flying Burrito Brothers5:11
9.Undo the Right / Somebody's Back in Townby Flying Burrito Brothers3:22
10.Lucilleby Flying Burrito Brothers2:37
11.I Threw Away the Roseby Flying Burrito Brothers3:58
12.You Win Againby Flying Burrito Brothers3:29

Disk #4

1.Buckarooby Flying Burrito Brothers3:21
2.Sweet Mental Revengeby Flying Burrito Brothers3:31
3.Another Place, Another Timeby Flying Burrito Brothers3:44
4.Life in Prisonby Flying Burrito Brothers3:06
5.Hungry Eyesby Flying Burrito Brothers5:14
6.High on a Hill Topby Flying Burrito Brothers4:11
7.Sing Me Back Homeby Flying Burrito Brothers4:21
8.Hot Burrito #1by Flying Burrito Brothers4:06
9.Hot Burrito #2by Flying Burrito Brothers5:20
10.Train Songby Flying Burrito Brothers4:03
11.Everybody Loves a Winnerby Flying Burrito Brothers4:59

Disk #5

1.Close Up the Honky Tonksby Flying Burrito Brothers2:38
2.Dark End of the Streetby Flying Burrito Brothers3:53
3.Sweet Mental Revengeby Flying Burrito Brothers3:14
4.Image of Meby Flying Burrito Brothers3:19
5.Christine's Tuneby Flying Burrito Brothers5:32
6.Sin Cityby Flying Burrito Brothers4:08
7.Out of Controlby Flying Burrito Brothers2:49
8.Wake Up Little Susieby Flying Burrito Brothers3:06
9.You Win Againby Flying Burrito Brothers3:37
10.We've Got to Get Ourselves Togetherby Flying Burrito Brothers3:43
11.She Thinks I Still Careby Flying Burrito Brothers5:27
12.Dream Babyby Flying Burrito Brothers2:53
13.Lucilleby Flying Burrito Brothers2:37
14.Take a Message to Maryby Flying Burrito Brothers3:04
15.Train Songby Flying Burrito Brothers3:26

Disk #6

1.Sin Cityby Uncle Tupelo3:52
2.Hickory Windby Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd0:53
3.Six Days on the Roadby Flying Burrito Brothers2:59
4.One Hundred Years From Nowby Flying Burrito Brothers2:42
5.My Uncleby Flying Burrito Brothers2:15
6.Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)by Flying Burrito Brothers3:27
7.Hot Burrito #2by Flying Burrito Brothers4:04
8.Love Hurtsby Jayhawks2:51
9.Return of the Grievous Angelby Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band4:46
10.Sin Cityby Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band4:16
11.Wheelsby Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band3:17
12.Ooh Las Vegasby Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band4:02
13.Down in the Churchyardby Chris Hillman4:11
14.Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)by Chris Hillman3:18
15.Six Days on the Roadby Chris Hillman2:40
16.Wild Horses (feat. Jerry Garcia)by Old & In the Way5:09

Disk #7

1.Roger McGuinn Intro / Drugstore Truck Drivin' Manby The Byrds5:24
2.Hickory Windby The Byrds2:39
3.Still Feelin Blueby Flyte2:11
4.Wheelsby Flyte3:07
5.My Uncleby Flyte2:09
6.One Hundred Years From Nowby Flyte2:48
7.Dim Lights, Thick Smokeby Flying Burrito Brothers2:15
8.Hot Burrito #2by Flying Burrito Brothers4:18
9.Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)by Flying Burrito Brothers5:04
10.Wheelsby Flying Burrito Brothers3:34
11.Six Days on the Roadby Flying Burrito Brothers4:10
12.Close Up the Honky Tonksby Flying Burrito Brothers2:57
13.Truck Drivin' Manby Flying Burrito Brothers2:19
14.Silver Threads & Golden Needlesby Linda Ronstadt2:25
15.Dark End of the Streetby Linda Ronstadt4:10
16.Widowmakerby Gram Parsons3:02