Green Thoughts mp3 Album by The Smithereens
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:35


1.Only a Memory3:43
2.House We Used to Live In4:03
3.Something New1:56
4.The World We Know3:48
5.Especially for You3:08
6.Drown in My Own Tears3:12
7.Deep Black2:57
10.If the Sun Doesn’t Shine3:33
11.Green Thoughts2:29
Daufhin Thorndike
The Smithereens 1988 album "Green Thoughts" is a classic album. It has everything here that is the best of The Smithereens output. Hooks, jangly guitars, top notch songwriting and melodies, and those wonderful harmonies and vocals. They pulled the best out of themselves here on this one album, but most people I think overlooked the fact that "Green Thoughts" is as close to a concept record as the band ever did. If one looks through the track listing and the corresponding lyrics, it reads to like a letter to an ex from a heartbroken man in the despair of a recent breakup. From "Spellbound" to the telling "House We Used To Live In", it is a stark portrait of a relationship crumbled. Every song builds on that notion from one to the next, climaxing in the majestic title track "Green Thoughts" which gives optimism for the future. The music is uniformly the best that the band has ever written, and the narrative that unfolds throughout this album grabs the listener and doesn't let go. This is a great album, and deserves a new spotlight upon it after almost 30 years.