Guitar mp3 Live by Frank Zappa
  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:12:01


Disk #1

1.Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace3:42
2.Which One Is It?3:04
4.Do Not Pass Go3:37
5.Chalk Pie4:52
7.That's Not Really Reggae3:16
8.When No One Was No One4:49
9.Once Again, Without the Net3:43
10.Outside Now (Original Solo)5:28
11.Jim & Tammy's Upper Room3:11
12.Were We Ever Really Safe in San Antonio?2:49
13.That Ol' G Minor Thing Again5:02
14.Hotel Atlanta Incidentals2:44
15.That's Not Really a Shuffle4:23
16.Move It or Park It5:43
17.Sunrise Redeemer3:59

Disk #2

1.Variations on Sinister #35:15
2.Orrin Hatch on Skis2:12
3.But Who Was Fulcanelli?2:48
4.For Duane3:24
6.Winos Do Not March3:14
7.Swans? What Swans?4:23
8.Too Ugly for Show Business4:20
9.Systems of Edges5:32
10.Do Not Try This at Home3:46
11.Things That Look Like Meat6:57
12.Watermelon in Easter Hay4:02
13.Canadian Customs3:35
14.Is That All There Is?4:08
15.It Ain't Necessarily the Saint James Infirmary5:16