Road Tapes, Venue #3 mp3 Live by Frank Zappa

Road Tapes, Venue #3by Frank Zappa

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:21


Disk #1

1.Tyrone Start the Tape1:59
2.King Kong3:27
3.Wonderful Wino4:48
4.Concentration Moon2:34
5.Mom & Dad3:26
6.The Air3:47
7.Dog Breath2:01
8.Mother People2:07
9.You Didn't Try To Call Me4:11
10.Agon - Interlude0:36
11.Call Any Vegetable8:00
12.King Kong / Igor's Boogie20:26
13.It Can't Happen Here3:06
15.The 23rd "Mondellos"3:13

Disk #2

1.Pound for a Brown5:08
2.Sleeping in a Jar3:38
4."A Piece of Contemporary Music"7:04
5.The Return of the Hunchback Duke including: Little House I Used to Live In, Holiday in Berlin10:00
6.Cruising for Burgers3:45
7.Let's Make the Water Turn Black1:42
8.Harry, You're a Beast1:29
9.Oh No / Orange County Lumber Truck11:02
10.Call Any Vegetable11:29
11.Mondello's Revenge1:47
12.The Clap (Chunga's Revenge)13:01