Halestorm (10th Anniversary) mp3 Album by Halestorm

Halestorm (10th Anniversary)by Halestorm

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:21:15


1.It's Not You2:55
2.I Get Off3:04
3.Bet U Wish U Had Me Back3:43
5.Familiar Taste Of Poison4:04
6.I'm Not An Angel3:15
7.What Were You Expecting?3:34
8.Love/Hate Heartbreak3:19
9.Better Sorry Than Safe3:12
10.Dirty Work3:17
11.Nothing To Do With Love3:30
12.Hero (Reluctant Hero) (2006 Basement Demo)4:09
13.Not Afraid Of Losin' (2007 Basement Demo)3:24
14.Ride Or Die (2006 Basement Demo)2:38
15.Gypsy Grifter (2006 Basement Demo)3:54
16.Who Do You Love? (2006 Basement Demo)4:11
17.The Proposition (2005 Basement Demo)2:55
18.Tired Of Trying (2006 Basement Demo)4:21
19.Annabelle (2006 Basement Demo)4:04
20.Everyone Dies (Heaven Isn't Where We Belong) (2008 Space Bitch Demo)3:39
21.Coming Back To Me (2007 LA Demo)4:06
22.Not For Today (2007 LA Demo)3:42
23.Still Breathing (2008 Unreleased B-Side)3:03