Hard Bass 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hard Bass 2016by Various Artists

  • 94 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:35:20


1.Hard Bass 2016 Continuous Mix By Wildstylezby Various Artists1:08:28
2.Hard Bass 2016 Continuous Mix By Frontlinerby Various Artists1:15:37
3.Hard Bass 2016 Continuous Mix By Digital Punkby Various Artists1:14:52
4.Hard Bass 2016 Continuous Mix By Deleteby Various Artists1:16:30
5.Get Down (Album Edit) (and Max Enforcer)by Wildstylez3:39
6.All The Memoriesby Adrenalize3:10
7.One (Album Edit) (feat. E-Life & Noah Jacobs)by Wildstylez3:25
8.Union (Edit)by Cyber2:35
9.Burn (Edit)by Isaac2:00
10.Take Me High (Edit)by Wave Pressure3:03
11.Shout (Radio Edit)by Concept Art3:55
12.Perfect Love (Album Edit) (and Demi Kanton)by Wildstylez4:12
13.Apocalypseby Dr. Rude3:43
14.One Day (Edit) (and Sylence)by Wasted Penguinz2:46
15.Take Control (Album Edit) (and Noisecontrollers)by Wildstylez3:38
16.Groovin To The Beat (Energyzed Remix Edit)by Stephanie2:45
17.Solar (Edit) (and Bass Modulators)by Noisecontrollers3:22
18.Its My Style (Short Edit) (and TNT)by Brennan Heart1:25
19.Unleash The Beast (Edit)by Wildstylez3:35
20.Unshakable (feat. Exilium)by Sound Rush2:44
21.Love For The Game (Edit)by Coone3:31
22.Inner Beast (Edit)by Tatanka3:32
23.Let The Bass Go (Album Edit) (feat. MC Villain)by Wildstylez3:38
24.Alchemy Of Hardstyle (Edit)by Audiotricz4:00
25.Make Them Bounce (Tnt Remix Edit)by Delayers1:39
26.Beatdownby Frontliner3:23
27.Higher (Short Edit)by Nexone2:46
28.Drop It Down (Radio Edit)by D-Block & S-Te-Fan3:44
29.Thrilled (Edit)by Notoriouz3:10
30.Weightless (Radio Edit) (feat. Anouck B)by Frontliner3:39
31.Bouncer (Original Edit)by DJ Zany2:46
32.4 Da Floorby Clockartz4:26
33.Beam Me Into Space (Envine Remix Edit)by Frontliner3:29
34.Shivers (Frontliner Remix)by Armin van Buuren3:15
35.Higherby D-Block & S-Te-Fan2:54
36.Dont Wake The Dreamer (Edit)by Geck-O4:09
37.Sail Away (Edit) (and Natalia Isabella)by Frontliner3:34
38.Loud (Radio Edit) (and John Harris)by Frontliner3:22
39.Shock (and Frontliner)by DJ Zany5:18
40.Tell Me (Radio Edit)by Frontliner2:46
41.You Need Me (Edit)by Frontliner4:00
42.Through The Light (Edit)by Dillytek3:20
43.Problemby Nexone3:12
44.The Fusion Of Soundby Donkey Rollers3:12
45.Last One (Radio Mix) (feat. Seri)by Frontliner5:01
46.Rampage (Radio Edit)by Hard Driver3:01
47.Reloadedby Mean Machine2:18
48.Frontliner & Radical Redemption (Radio Edit) (and Radical Redemption)by Frontliner6:10
49.Those Summer Nightsby The Pitcher4:20
50.Let It Go (Digital Punk Remix Edit)by Alpha23:10
51.Ruthlessby Clockartz4:19
52.For The Girls 2015 (and Digital Punk)by B-Front3:09
53.Madness Is Comingby Malua2:52
54.Unleash War (and Digital Punk)by Warface4:41
55.Destroy Youby B-Freqz5:22
56.Plata O Plomoby Gunz for Hire3:14
57.How We Roll (Edit) (and Mean Machine)by Digital Punk3:35
58.Whiplashed (Edit) (and Digital Punk)by Adaro4:04
59.Firestarter (Radio Edit) (and E-Life)by Ran-D5:16
60.Release The Fear (and E-Force)by Radical Redemption4:34
61.Invasion (Sub Zero Project Remix Edit)by Digital Punk3:06
62.Willow Walyby Alpha24:08
63.Click Clack (and Kronos)by Outbreak2:54
64.Hate (Edit)by Atmozfears & Energyzed4:46
65.Get Your Hands Upby Sub Zero Project3:57
66.Rest In Hell (Edit)by Digital Punk2:47
67.In Controlby Bass Chaserz3:11
68.Retaliate With Hate (and Digital Punk feat. MC Alee)by Radical Redemption5:15
69.Go (Welcome To My World) (Edit)by Sub Sonik3:16
70.My Name Is The Lordby Radical Redemption4:56
71.Rings Of Fire (2015 Raw Mix)by Project Exile5:27
72.Fight Your Fears (vs. Prefix & Density feat. MC Livid)by Degos & Re-Done4:38
73.Big Dick (Edit)by Bass Chaserz3:35
74.Shakedown (The Machine Remix (Edit))by Geck-O3:18
75.Lightsaberby DJ Thera3:31
76.Rebel Territory (feat. Cuntmafia)by Outbreak3:55
77.The World Is Yoursby Delete4:00
78.Absolute Terror (Edit) (and Delete vs. Main Concern)by Vazard3:47
79.Inhumanby Genox5:33
80.Refuse To Followby Warface4:00
81.Lower Levelby Deetox4:21
82.Do Or Die (Rebelion Remix) (and Delete feat. Mc Livid)by Deetox3:07
83.Heavy Damage (Edit) (and Delete)by Jack of Sound3:46
84.Go Harder (feat. MC Renegade)by Regain & Blackwatch3:38
85.Im Your New God (feat. MC Heretik)by Digital Mindz3:01
86.Dismissed Againby Delete4:56
87.Specymen (D-Verze Remix)by Density5:40
88.Fallby Vazard5:25
89.Psychological Warfareby Main Concern5:34
90.Ready2Dieby Chris One5:14
91.Sanctuary (and High Voltage)by Warface3:21
92.Rock It (Edit) (and Deetox)by Break Zero3:51
93.Deceptionby Warface5:30
94.Hard Bass Tributeby Radical Redemption4:41

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