Hardcore Italia: Latest Greatest, Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hardcore Italia: Latest Greatest, Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:54:10


1.Italian Psycho (Extended Mix) (and The Melodyst)by Andy The Core4:42
2.Evoke (Extended Mix)by Art of Fighters3:33
3.Blue (Extended Mix)by The Sickest Squad4:52
4.Boozy Ass (Extended Mix) (and The Stunned Guys)by The Melodyst3:57
5.H8ERS (Extended Mix) (feat. TrashGxd888)by Yoshiko3:15
6.InnovHate (Extended Mix) (and F. Noize)by Andy The Core4:02
7.Legacy Of Tomorrow (Extended Mix) (feat. MC I See)by Koozah4:40
8.Sons Of Dragons (Extended Mix) (and RADI)by Reevoid4:39
9.Floor Licker (Extended Mix)by The Melodyst4:01
10.Disto Disco (Extended Mix) (and X-Mind)by Andy The Core3:37
11.One Gun (Extended Mix)by Radio Killah3:39
12.Bank Robbery (Extended Mix)by Monkey Bizness3:49
13.Morte E Vita (Extended Mix)by The Melodyst4:29
14.Unstoppable (Extended Mix)by The Braindrillerz4:37
15.Stupid People (Extended Mix)by Mindtrax3:17
16.Technology (Extended Mix) (and Menthalquake)by The Melodyst3:52
17.Weed Song (Extended Mix) (and The Braindrillerz feat. MC Ghost)by Tommyknocker4:23
18.Pop It (Extended Mix)by Yoshiko4:18
19.Time To Detonate (Extended Mix) (feat. Killer MC)by Koozah3:51
20.It's Just A MF (Extended Mix) (and Lenny Dee)by The Sickest Squad3:44
21.Fokkin Hard (Extended Mix) (feat. MC Diesel)by The Melodyst4:11
22.Weaponized (Extended Mix)by Radio Killah4:18
23.Dancing With The Devil (Extended Mix)by Reevoid4:27
24.Rapsodia (Extended Mix)by Mindtrax4:33
25.Hard Travel (Extended Mix)by The Melodyst4:06
26.Red (Extended Mix)by The Sickest Squad4:44
27.Terror Rage (Extended Mix)by The Braindrillerz4:21
28.Monkey Dance (Extended Mix)by Monkey Bizness2:13

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