Headless Cross (Japanese Edition) mp3 Album by Black Sabbath

Headless Cross (Japanese Edition)by Black Sabbath

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:23


1.The Gates Of Hell1:05
2.Headless Cross6:32
3.Devil & Daughter4:45
4.When Death Calls7:00
5.Kill In The Spirit World5:13
6.Call Of The Wild5:21
7.Black Moon4:08
9.Cloak And Dagger4:36
In the death rattle of the '80s, there was still a chance to live a classic Black Sabbath, after such blasting mediocre and insipid works, which despite having members swanky, they failed to match the powerful union of large forces seized he gave in those first two albums that were born after the Ozzy era. The quality and darkness of this band again be respected, and the world bowed to the presence of the headless cross...

Retold by Tony Martin in the vocal work, a prodigious throat in inventive melodies and turns with awesome results, and with great force and feeling, reaching great heights on the staff. This genius, in my humble opinion and perception, resembles a kind of fusion, scrupulous and magical, between sweetness and records great Joe Lynn Turner and dark and rough moments the aforementioned Ronnie James Dio, but also enjoying a personality that makes it unique in its style, but always inevitable the roots of each genius.
After the introductory atmosphere of The Gates Of Hell enters a cutting battery half time to bring the topic-title, Headless Cross, where they first arrive unmistakable ways Iommi in a riff crude legendary rocker halo, with the thick smell to 'smoke on the water' but with the illustrious mark of a Heaven And Hell again, say, 'commercial', structured in a more typical way that this mysterious subject that gave name to that work, the record that gloriously survived the band Ozzy progress. Powerful chorus where Martin shows their highest tones, contrasting with its seductive mid range verse and bridge. Black Sabbath finally returned to show something as interesting as what brought gems like Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules