Hearts In Their Eyes: Celebrating 50 Years Of Harmony & Jangle by The Searchers

Hearts In Their Eyes: Celebrating 50 Years Of Harmony & Jangle

by The Searchers

  • 120 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:12:55


Disk #1

1.Sweets For My Sweet (Demo)2:22
2.Rosalie (Demo)2:29
3.Sho' Know A Lot About Love (Demo)2:12
4.Let's Stomp (Demo)2:07
5.Sweet Nothin's (Live)2:26
6.Learning The Game (Live)1:53
7.Hey Joe (Live)2:33
8.Sweet Little Sixteen (Live)3:05
9.Sweets For My Sweet2:29
10.It's All Been A Dream1:49
12.Love Potion No. 92:06
13.Farmer John1:59
14.Money (That's What I Want)2:47
15.Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya2:05
16.Since You Broke My Heart2:51
17.Tricky Dicky2:09
18.Where Have All The Flowers Gone?2:58
19.Sugar And Spice2:15
20.Saints And Searchers3:17
21.Don't Cha Know2:03
22.Some Other Guy2:07
23.Listen To Me2:13
24.Unhappy Girls2:39
25.(Ain't That) Just Like Me2:23
26.Cherry Stones2:29
27.All My Sorrows3:27
28.Hungry For Love2:23
29.Once Upon A Time (Pye Outtake)2:04
30.Needles And Pins2:14
31.Saturday Night Out1:44
32.Don't Throw Your Love Away2:17
33.I Pretend I'm With You1:59

Disk #2

1.This Empty Place2:10
2.Where Have You Been?2:39
3.It's In Her Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)2:17
4.Sea Of Heartbreak2:25
5.I Count The Tears2:04
6.Hi Heel Sneakers2:33
7.Can't Help Forgiving You2:06
8.I (Who Have Nothing) (Pye Outtake)2:47
9.Someday We're Gonna Love Again1:59
10.No One Else Could Love Me2:13
11.Someday We're Gonna Love Again (Alt. Take)2:02
12.Bye Bye Baby2:32
13.Watch Your Step2:43
14.When You Walk In The Room2:22
15.(I'll Be) Missing You2:05
16.What Have They Done To The Rain?2:34
17.This Feeling Inside1:43
18.You Beat Me To The Punch2:53
19.The System2:31
20.Love Potion No. 92:03
21.Fortune Teller2:40
22.Chris Curtis Interview1:13
23.Goodbye My Love2:58
24.Till I Met You2:59
25.Everybody Come Clap Your Hands2:42
26.If I Could Find Someone2:18
27.Magic Potion2:37
28.Bumble Bee2:13
29.Till You Say You'll Be Mine2:24
30.I Don't Want To Go On Without You (Alt. Take) (Pye Outtake)3:28
31.I'll Be Doggone (Alt. Version) (Pye Outtake)2:59
32.Stage Door2:25

Disk #3

1.He's Got No Love2:35
2.So Far Away2:03
3.Chris Curtis Interview1:00
4.When I Get Home2:10
5.I'm Never Coming Back2:03
6.Take Me For What I'm Worth2:40
7.Too Many Miles2:10
8.Does She Really Care For Me?2:06
9.It's Time2:35
10.You Can't Lie To A Liar2:21
11.Don't You Know Why?2:39
12.Each Time2:48
13.Four Strong Winds3:06
14.Mike Pender Interview1:10
15.Take It Or Leave It2:46
16.Don't Hide It Away2:43
18.Have I Done Something Wrong?2:38
19.Have You Ever Loved Somebody?2:39
20.It's Just The Way (Love Will Come And Go)2:41
21.Frank Allen Interview1:04
22.Popcorn, Double Feature2:57
23.I'll Be Loving You (Live)2:57
24.Western Union2:29
25.I'll Cry Tomorrow3:48
26.Second Hand Dealer3:45
27.Crazy Dreams2:38
28.Umbrella Man2:59
29.Over The Weekend2:28
30.Pussy Willow Dream2:06
31.Shoot 'Em Up Baby2:28

Disk #4

2.Love Is Everywhere3:12
3.Sing, Singer, Sing2:44
6.Spicks And Specks2:58
7.Don't Shut Me Out (RCA Outtake)2:12
8.Hearts In Her Eyes3:20
9.Switchboard Susan3:54
10.It's Too Late (Single Mix)3:28
11.Love's Gonna Be Strong2:55
12.Love's Melody3:34
15.Everything But A Heartbeat3:54
16.Radio Romance3:39
17.Another Night3:02
18.I Don't Want To Be The One3:38
19.In The Heat Of The Night (PRT Outtake)3:52
20.Somebody Told Me (You Were Crying)3:31
21.This Boy's In Love3:27
22.Every River (Live)3:47
23.Seven Nights To Rock (Live)4:51