BBC Sessions by The Searchers
  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:24:31


Disk #1

1.When You Walk in the Room2:19
2.Chris Curtis Interview0:56
3.This Feeling Inside1:41
4.What Have They Done to the Rain2:50
5.The Interview1:32
6.Something You Got Baby2:47
7.Let the Good Times Roll1:56
8.Everything You Do1:50
9.Chris Curtis Interview1:15
10.Goodbye My Love3:04
11.Chris Curtis Interview0:30
12.Magic Potion2:39
13.Chris Curtis Interview1:08
14.Bumble Bee2:16
15.Everybody Come Clap Your Hands2:25
16.Sweet Little Sixteen1:55
18.Glad All Over2:01
19.Chris Curtis Interview1:05
20.He's Got No Love2:31
21.Be My Baby2:38

Disk #2

1.Ready Teddy2:04
2.Four Strong Winds3:07
3.Chris Curtis Interview1:00
4.When I Get Home2:10
5.I'm Never Coming Back2:01
6.Too Many Miles2:01
7.Mike Pender Interview0:39
8.Take Me for What I'm Worth2:43
9.It's Time1:57
10.Mike Pender Interview1:11
11.Take It or Leave It2:34
12.Blowin' in the Wind2:17
13.Mike Pender Interview1:01
14.Have You Ever Loved Somebody2:41
15.Medeley C C Rider-Jenny Take a Ride2:14
16.Frank Allen Interview1:05
17.Popcorn, Double Feature3:15
18.Goodbye, So Long2:09
19.I'll Be Loving You2:59
20.Western Union2:30
21.I Don't Believe It2:33