Hed Kandi - The Acid Lounge Goes West mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hed Kandi - The Acid Lounge Goes Westby Various Artists

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:08:17


Disk #1

1.Nor' Easterby Johnny Conquest2:43
2.Sombre Hombreby Tim Love Lee4:32
3.Quite Spectacularby Hint5:17
4.Wonderfulby Tosca Featuring Earl Zinger3:00
5.Dodge Cityby Sugarman4:22
6.Mugwamp Mondoby Akasha6:38
7.The Dub Cowboyby King Brillo4:21
8.Popping Pillsby John Miller3:08
9.Elois Therepiaby Blue States4:21
10.Butch Accidyby Method Manad Man3:12
11.Black Cadillacby Pepe Deluxé3:17
12.Vegas Vagrantsby 45 Dip4:20
13.7 (Dr Rockit Rekiss)by Ursula Rucker4:33
14.Jays Barby 45 Dip4:36
15.I Am Klootby Loch4:12

Disk #2

1.Camiouxby Boozoo Bajou5:43
2.Cosmic Cactusby Metanoia5:04
3.Gunsby Revolvo4:35
4.Plastic Jesusby 45 Dip3:27
5.Is The 'erb Dope?by Mr. Electric Triangle3:48
6.Singalongby Treva Whateva5:05
7.Stiff Jazzby dZihan & Kamien5:49
8.Move Out Of The Wayby Los Chicharrons4:39
9.Battle Of Bongo Hillby The Herbaliser4:58
10.Filthy Injunby 45 Dip6:53
11.Valley Of The Sausagesby Mr. Scruff4:59
12.Fair-Weather Viewby Homelife4:48
13.Hazeby Fingathing3:23
14.Why Don't We Get Drunkby Jimmy Buffett2:34

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