Heritage mp3 Album by Opeth
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:05


2.The Devil's Orchard6:40
3.I Feel the Dark6:40
8.The Lines in My Hand3:49
10.Marrow of the Earth4:19
Josh O
This record seems to be causing a division among Opeth fans. Those who prefer the progressive death metal of the last few records seem to be disappointed with this record's lack of growls, screams, and harsh vocals. This may seem like an abrupt change, but lest we forget Damnation didn't have them either and that may be one of the band's most loved records.

The cover of the album is very symbolic; you can google the meaning but one thing that I personally think the people walking toward the burning city represent are disappointed fan boys that are too stubborn to enjoy some good music.

I'm surprised and glad to say that Heritage is 100% Opeth, but not exactly as we've heard them before. Mikael Akerfeldt (the singer/guitarist/songwriter) himself said in an interview that he was essentially getting bored with metal and wanted to try something new.

What we have here is some crazy 70s folk/prog rock that sounds tight and sometimes spooky. The album starts off with an interesting piano solo accompanied by Martin Mendez on an upright bass. Each song sounds fairly different from the last and does a good job of keeping the listener hooked.

I wasn't overwhelmed when the album first came out, but it has slowly grown on me. I recently saw the band live where they played 4-5 songs off this record and I heard power and emotion in each that I didn't pick up on my first few times of listening. I won't say that every song is a masterpiece, but seriously for the low price on mp3caprice you really shouldn't pass it up.

I heartily recommend this record, but long time fans beware; if you are looking for death metal you won't find it here. You will find however some of the most creative, entertaining music in recent memory.