Hidden Gems, Part 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hidden Gems, Part 7by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43:20


1.Cressida (Original Mix)by Lake Avalon7:22
2.Dos (Original Mix)by Stefano Richetta7:02
3.Solitude (Original Mix)by Oliver Winters6:28
4.Eclipse (Hidden Empire Remix) (and Fabio Montana)by Beatamines7:35
5.Fly Over the Machines (Original Mix)by Several Definitions9:47
6.Still Loosin (Original Mix) (and Dominic Rumpf )by Neal Porter6:26
7.New Home (Innellea Remix) (and HRRSN)by Talul7:59
8.The Problem of Perception (Original Mix)by Budakid7:38
9.Naked Heroes (Original Mix) (and SHMN )by Thomas Gandey8:32
10.Underneath Your Bed (Stelios Vassiloudis Remix)by Marc DePulse6:07
11.Sogno (Rafael Cerato Remix)by Andrea Arcangeli10:11
12.Spark Inside (Original Mix)by Andrologic8:24
13.Traffic (Original Mix) (and Fabio Montana)by Beatamines6:34
14.Orbit (Original Mix)by Nibiru6:59
15.Shadow (Original Mix)by Arnas D7:20
16.Paradox (Original Mix) (and Del Fonda)by Joe Fisher6:51
17.Zephir (Philipp Kempnich Remix)by Rafael Cerato6:27
18.Onward (Original Mix)by Corren Cavini8:12
19.St. Pauli (Original Mix)by Pole Folder7:50
20.Rizan (Original Mix) (and Max Boulevard )by Veytik8:36
21.Cubit (Dan Caster Remix) (and Fabio Montana)by Danito & Athina6:01
22.Cat Nougat (Original Mix)by WO-CORE7:49
23.Back Home (Original Mix)by Jos & Eli7:14
24.Mind Bent (Original Mix)by James Gill7:31
25.One of Us (Original Mix)by Sezer Uysal6:57
26.Quondam (Original Mix)by Franz Alice Stern6:31
27.Voyage (Original Mix)by Roberto Calzetta7:39
28.Metamorphosis (Original Mix)by Evans6:39
29.The Light Path (Original Mix)by Erly Tepshi8:06
30.Illusion (Original Mix)by Mondkrater6:33