Hidden Gems, Part 8 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hidden Gems, Part 8by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:13:22


1.Battle of the Heroes (Diatonik Remix)by Stefano Richetta7:24
2.Helios (Original Mix)by Oliver Winters8:13
3.Obsession (Original Mix) (and Juan Elvadin )by Inner Rebels7:02
4.Lose Some Love Some (feat. Jinadu) (Vocal Mix)by Ed Ed8:20
5.Manakin (Original Mix)by Kapibara7:18
6.Magical (Original Mix)by Maximalism8:29
7.Cradle of Civilization (Original Mix)by SHMN7:26
8.Dantooine (Original Mix)by Paul Baule8:13
9.Verde (Original Mix)by Ghostlike6:49
10.Unisis (Original Mix)by Martin HERRS6:49
11.Habemus (Original Mix)by Abstraal6:48
12.Till the Sun Goes Up (Original Mix)by Several Definitions7:44
13.Gray Days (Original Mix)by Around Us7:18
14.Apoapsis (Original Mix)by Can Durmus7:44
15.Attention (Original Mix)by Autonomi7:00
16.Perfect Lift (Original Mix) (vs. Michael & Levan )by Stiven Rivic8:28
17.The Fallen (Original Mix)by Cheric8:46
18.Incorrection (Original Mix)by Javier de Baraja6:20
19.Prevail (Rey & Kjavik Remix)by HRRSN5:48
20.White Rabbit (Original Mix)by The Kosmic Way4:48
21.Tiamat (Original Mix)by Matchy7:30
22.Varosha (Original Mix)by Local Dialect7:48
23.Malibu Breeze (Original Mix)by Mohn5:27
24.Out of Time (Original Mix)by SNYL7:29
25.Lake of Richness (Original Mix)by Oliver Winters7:56
26.Battle of the Heroes (Original Mix)by Stefano Richetta7:15
27.Fugur (Original Mix)by Paul Baule8:08
28.Coleurs Utopiques (Original Mix)by Several Definitions8:32
29.Take Me Over (feat. Jinadu) (Phun Thomas Remix)by Dumming Dum7:07
30.With Skin (Original Mix) (and Haptic )by Marc DePulse6:49
31.Habibi Ala El Donia (Original Mix) (and Hot Oasis )by Dizharmonia7:36
32.Pompei (Original Mix)by Alive!7:44
33.Fritz (Original Mix)by Th en & Starkato6:16
34.Glice Glice (Original Mix)by Kastis Torrau8:00
35.Wegtrekker (Original Mix)by Stefano Richetta8:04
36.Lost Island (Original Mix)by Nolah7:25
37.Levels (Sasse Remix)by Rancido8:48
38.Felicity (Original Mix) (and Arnas D )by Donatello7:52
39.Insomnia (Original Mix) (and Rafael Cerato )by The White Shadow8:36
40.Collapse (Kapibara Remix)by Innellea7:52
41.Traffic (Kjeld Langeveld Remix) (and Fabio Montana )by Beatamines8:00
42.Ryder (Original Mix)by Philipp Harms6:28
43.Talos (Original Mix)by Erly Tepshi7:06
44.Our Backyard (Skena Remix)by Jos & Eli7:32
45.The Scent of Touch (Original Mix)by Franz Alice Stern7:02
46.Doxa (Roger Silver Remix)by Mononoid8:41
47.Resonate (Atapy Remix) (and Sonica )by Patrick Podage7:17
48.Changes (Original Mix)by Florian Rietze7:07
49.Varuna (Original Mix)by Arjuna Schiks7:45
50.9 Vidas (Original Mix)by Ukka7:23

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