Hidden Places: Chillout & Ambient 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Hidden Places: Chillout & Ambient 6by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:37


1.China White (Ibiza Spa Mix)by L'Art Mystique5:03
2.Mystic Adventures (Extended Mix)by Sunyata Project3:22
3.Harmonies And Prayersby Svendaq4:12
4.Bring Me Back To My Old Schoolby Intelligent Rich & Beautiful4:34
5.Nostalgiaby Mirko Firzlaff6:15
6.Aridby Placid Larry2:41
7.Samadhi Vibesby Sami Sivananda3:16
8.Futuro (Burning Man Festival Remix)by Miss Luna feat. Ines Prados5:12
9.Plumeby Remundo4:21
10.Contact With Inpuby UCP Berlin8:32
11.Inside Emotionsby Rinat Kaas4:36
12.Parana Nathaby Prana Tones6:14
13.Fade To Wiseby Gordon Geco4:34
14.Faithfulnessby Svendaq3:33
15.Glueby E-Motive3:31
16.Deep Mindby Kai French3:35
17.Hear Meby Dharma Frequency3:18
18.Blue Skyby James Butler2:59
19.Hourglassby Flacoustics3:44
20.Your Dreams Are Where The Music Takes You (Radio Edit)by Jay Steele MidiBand3:45
21.Cartoon Mountainsby Castlebed4:38
22.Time To Chillby Martin Liege3:17
23.Short Daysby Roberto Sol4:22
24.Liquid Dreamsby Ocean Mind2:30
25.Beautiful Thingsby L'Art Mystique6:00
26.Piano Suite De Luxeby James Butler2:07
27.2nd Sunby Gordon Geco4:54
28.Keep Movingby Placid Larry4:33
29.Tesla Three Six Nineby Intelligent Rich & Beautiful5:48
30.Lotusby Sunyata Project3:46
31.Le Jardin Secretby L'Art Mystique4:39
32.Texturesby Svendaq6:14
33.Samiraby Remundo4:22
34.Sunday Rainby Robert Scharnke4:28
35.Stars Into Lightby Solarmax5:29
36.Time For Loveby Roberto Sol5:28
37.Shiva And The Sea (Sunset Ashram Mix)by Chris Le Blanc6:12
38.The Garden Of Loveby Madhukar5:38
39.Sagariha (Extended Mix)by Sunyata Project5:11
40.Mistress Of The Nightby UCP Berlin8:44