Hidden Stash 420 mp3 Album by Kottonmouth Kings

Hidden Stash 420by Kottonmouth Kings

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:54


Disk #1

2.Can Anybody Hear Me4:24
3.Take A Ride (Feat. Judge D)3:44
4.Evolution (Richters Solo Joint)3:13
5.Say Goodbye 2 A Tangerine Sky6:55
6.D Iz Who I B4:14
7.Got It, Get It (Feat. Kingspade)4:30
8.Stoner Bitch (Feat. Potluck)4:32
9.Late Night Call (Feat. Judge D)4:03
10.Lookin Out The Window3:49
11.Mushroom Cloud (Feat. Dirtball)3:17
12.This Is 4 U (Feat. Judge D & Dirtball)3:28
13.Pack Me Another Rip2:16
14.Purple Smoke (Feat. Judge D)4:09
15.Demons (Feat. The Dirtball)3:44
16.Adventures Of This3:40
17.Superstar (Feat. Big B)3:33
18.Sick Adventures (Feat. Judge D)4:15
19.Sacrifice (Feat Tech N9ne)4:51
20.Let The Music Play4:23

Disk #2

1.Runnin Things3:34
2.Wind Me Up (Feat. Tech N9ne & HeD P.E.)5:10
3.Addict (Feat. Tech N9ne)3:14
4.New Vision (Feat. Dogboy & Dirtball)4:08
5.Rebel Music (Feat. Judge D)3:54
6.We Can Smoke (Feat. Big B)3:07
7.Spark It Up3:14
8.Dank In My Brain (Feat. Dirtball & Judge D)4:33
9.Grind (Feat. Dirtball)3:31
10.Miss Smokey3:47
11.Get Up (Feat. BrokeNCYDE)3:48
12.No Future (Feat. Brother J)5:05
13.Keep It Movin (Feat. Judge D)3:24
14.Dont Sleep On The Streets (Feat. Sen Dog)3:36
15.Bumpin (Feat Potluck)3:41
16.Tip Off (Feat Judge D)4:04
18.Funky Ryme (Feat. Danny Diablo & Subhoodz)3:40
19.Endless Highway (Remix)3:07
20.High Hopes4:28