Hunky Dory mp3 Album by David Bowie
  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:39


2.Oh! You Pretty Things / Eight Line Poem6:09
3.Life On Mars?3:55
6.Fill Your Heart / Andy Warhol7:04
7.Song For Bob Dylan4:12
8.Queen Bitch3:19
9.The Bewlay Brothers5:25
This is definitely one of bowie's best albums, not to mention one of the definitive albums all time. Most of us have heard classics like "changes" and "life on mars" , bit the true magic lies in gems such as "oh! You pretty things" and my personal favorite, "Andy Warhol". In the midst of the 70's dock monotony, Bowie managed to put out material no one had experienced before. The lyrics on this album are priceless, the sarcasm is on par with legends like Dylan, and the Piano and Sax are glorious. I recommend this to any fan of any music; it's a masterpiece.