I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 10 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 10by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:41:26


Disk #1

1.Hypnotic Tango (Extended Player '89)by My Mine6:24
2.Lady Surprise (12" version)by Robert Camero5:44
3.Broken Dreams (12" version)by Broken Dreams6:40
4.Got to Be Your Lover (Special DJ remix)by Taco5:32
5.Tell Me the Reason (12" version)by Alan Barry6:06 (extended vocal remix) (Swedish remix)by Ken Laszlo6:02
7.Little Russian (vocal 12" version)by Mr. Zivago7:37
8.Out of the Night (The First Step) (12" version)by Caron7:10
9.Change Your Mind (Dancefloor version)by Milou5:34
10.Dancing in the Dark (Galactica remix)by Mike Mareen7:07
11.I Do, I Do (B-Side 12" version)by Mayte Mateos6:21
12.Lost in Hongkong (12" version)by Joy4:50

Disk #2

1.Comanchero (special disco remix)by Raggio di Luna8:35
2.Help Me Through the Summer (vocal 12" version)by Neil Smith5:09
3.Yeti (special R.E.M.I.X.)by Radiorama7:27
4.Shy Like an Angel (12" version)by New Romantique5:35
5.Butterfly (vocal 12" version)by Op. 87:30
6.Pretty Baby (Swedish remix)by Silver Pozzoli6:46
7.Ev'ry Body Does It (12" version)by Glamour Station5:33
8.Ride My Bike (vocal 12" version)by Nóvé6:17
9.Sunset Rendezvous (maxi version)by Cliff Turner5:03
10.Out of My Mind (12" version)by Mr. Freaky7:17
11.Freedom (Die Antwort) (12" version)by Jeannie5:07
12.Love Is Death (extended version)by Savage6:15

Disk #3

1.Feel the Drive (vocal 12" version)by Doctor's Cat6:19
2.You're My First Love (Head Over Heels) (12" version)by New Romance5:03
3.Everybody Loves the Sunshine (special extended version)by Fantastique4:39
4.Le Freak (Chikeria mix)by Chikeria5:40
5.I Believeby Miko Mission4:36
6.Marinero (Swedish re-edit)by Lucia8:58
7.Right by the Moon (vocal 12" version)by K. Barré6:47
8.Take Me Away (vocal 12" version)by Rick Rock5:38
9.Flashing on the Floor (vocal 12" version)by Primadonna5:37
10.Alisand (vocal 12" version)by Hugh Bullen5:34
11.Breakdown (vocal 12" version)by Ray Cooper6:13
12.Let's Dance Tonight (vocal 12" version)by David Gray4:41

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