I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 6by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:31:41


Disk #1

1.Saturday Nightby Lian Ross5:28
2.When I Let You Downby Roberto Tomasi6:44
3.Fantasy Boy (extended version)by New Baccara7:02
4.Lancelotby Valerie Dore6:26
5.Let's All Dance (club mix)by Argentina6:01
6.Run to Meby Lena4:57
7.Jasmin China Girlby Mozzart6:30
8.Ever and Ever (High E version)by Venice6:57
9.It's Youby Sheila Steward6:14
10.I Cry for You (Toney D's extended mix)by Shy Rose7:08
11.So Close (long version)by Savage6:34

Disk #2

1.Only Men (Toney D's extended version)by Shy Rose5:35
2.No More VIsion (extended version)by Sly & Hunter6:41
3.Night Girl (Toney D's extended mix)by Hugh Bullen6:33
4.You're My Heart You're My Soul (extended version)by Creative Connection6:47
5.Step by Step (extended version)by Silver Pozzoli5:31
6.It's Alrightby Karl Olivas7:38
7.Stay (Matiz remix)by Marx & Spencer7:16
8.You Can Set Me Free (dance version)by Coo Coo6:30
9.I'm Loosing You (extended version)by Savage6:13
10.Fatal Destinationby Claudia T.6:05
11.Tonightby Sheila Steward5:26

Disk #3

1.I Just Died in Your Arms (extended version)by Savage5:38
2.Scratch My Name (extended version)by Creative Connection6:39
3.You Are My Desire (extended mix) (feat. Toney D & The Love Trip Orchestra)by Shy Rose6:20
4.Duri Duri (Baila Baila) (extended version)by Click7:36
5.If You Say You Love Me (extended mix)by Tina Gabriel7:17
6.Meet My Friend (extended version)by Eddy Huntington6:10
7.Just One Wordby Linda Jo Rizzo5:15
8.Star Tracksby Rygar6:02
9.Rich and Famousby Dave Rodgers8:08
10.Little Flower (extended version)by Thomas & Shubert5:57
11.Casanova Actionby Latin Lover6:23

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