I'm Alive (Live at Up the Hammers Festival) mp3 Live by Cirith Ungol

I'm Alive (Live at Up the Hammers Festival)by Cirith Ungol

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:30:42


2.I'm Alive5:04
3.Join the Legion4:12
4.Atom Smasher4:23
5.Edge of a Knife4:55
6.Blood & Iron4:03
7.Black Machine3:57
8.Frost and Fire4:36
9.Finger of Scorn8:01
10.Chaos Descends4:43
11.Doomed Planet3:59
12.Chaos Rising8:04
13.Fallen Idols6:11
14.Paradise Lost6:30
15.Master of the Pit6:58
16.King of the Dead6:48
17.Cirith Ungol7:23