In Praise Of More (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Engineers

In Praise Of More (Limited Edition)by Engineers

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:57


Disk #1

1.What It's Worth3:49
3.Las Vega4:10
4.Press Rewind4:06
5.There Will Be Time2:38
6.To An Evergreen5:17
7.Twenty Paces6:09
8.In Praise Of More3:36
9.Nach Hause3:49

Disk #2

1.What It's Worth (instrumental)3:49
2.Subtober (instrumental)4:26
3.Las Vega (instrumental)4:09
4.Press Rewind (instrumental)4:06
5.There Will Be Time (instrumental)2:37
6.To An Evergreen (instrumental)5:17
7.Twenty Paces (instrumental)6:09
8.In Praise Of More (instrumental)3:36
9.Nach Hause (instrumental)3:49